Rüdiger Lutz:

Dear Fellow Futurists,

I'm reaching out for help in a very personal and also political affair. As on of the founders of FUTURELAB/ Zukunftswerkstätten (together with Robert Jungk et.al.) I'm momentarily paralyzed by our German institutions and I myself am confined to a psychiatric center in the southwest of Bavaria (near Isny).

This is the third time I experience the devastation of "my" base, work- and living space. First it was in Berlin Institute for Future Research (IFZ Institut für Zukunftsforschung) with over 80 employees and a periodical called "analysen und prognosen" (remember the Berlin WFSF)*-World-Conference?), in the follow up of Berlin, I had do close down the Hannover Center for Future and Peace Research (Kommunikationszentrum für Zukunfts- und Friedensforschung) and now it happened to my little FUTURE LAB network knot in Freiburg. Because of some personal and social difficulties (some turmoil in restructuring the institute) the authorities erased my base completely because I was in this time without any protection of coworkers (it was christmas time). So we didn't have any war ( a year before this I visited Interuniversity Centre Dubrovnik, where I spent many seminar-weeks of the WFSF - before the war, it was a great East-West exchange-place - now that IUCD was literally shot down), but in Freiburg a Judge decided, that I'm no longer able to run the place and put me into psychiatry.

Future Research is always risky, I know that from many similar Organizations and friends. Because there wasn't any criminal activity, they went the subtile psychiatry way of exterminating FUTURE LAB. Sing along: "first we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin" (L. Cohen). From my "prison" I cannot do much, electronic communication, we don't have (internet), so I even have a hard time to contact my network of Labs "out there", here it is total isolation. Please try to help a totally knocked out member of the futurist scientific community to get reintegrated into the world of the agents of change. My (stopped) projects included the "bio-valley" development in the axis Basel-Freiburg, the installation of EcoLearning-Stations in Germany and France (like the Center for EcoLiteracy (F. Capra)) in the Bay Area San Francisco did) and especially designed FutureLab-workshops for the 50+-Generation (where I'm now also part of), as well as the "2012"-transformation scenario, initiated by the late Terrence McKenna.

There is enough to do, but I'm in the desparate situation of being a patient in an anachronistic institution. As a consultant of the WHO I visited many facilities in the Project "healthy cities" and can tell a lot about therapy and healing centers in Europe, but here I'm really experiencing the underside of psychiatry - it's just a nightmare of kafaesque dimensions: People from absolute different backgrounds and health-problems are thrown together in a minimalistic corcoran in the woods of Bavaria. There is no therapy or health-programm, only isolation from society, family and friends: Sensory deprivation.

It's easy to call a futurist non-realistic, utopian and crazy - no profession is more suited to feed that image and the necessity for psychiatric intervention. And the legal arm of society embraces these pioneers of hope - and shuts them up in desperate enclaves. Please help!

)* WFSF: World Future Studies Federation



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