Rüdiger Lutz:

The four-headed dragon of the "archaic revival"
The open futures and their enemies

l. Drive-by-Terrorism, the contemporary WW-III
Learning from terrorist attacks. The phenomena of terrorism in our globalized infrastructure (sept. 11th, Bali, Madrid, London) show the modernized strategies of up-to-date political criminals. They are not visible, show no differentiation between clear enemies and accidental by-standers. They are space/time unpredictable and irregular. All these obscurancies makes them hard to get. They have no line of thought or explicated theory, even the hierarchical order seems to be indifferent and subject to momentay change. The quality of drive-by shooting is applied in this nonetheless unidirectional intention of destroying the target, they chose: "West-bashing".

2. Corcoran, the safety-belt of terror-driven societies.
Sicherheits-Architektur nennt Otto Schily die Antwort des Westens auf die Gefahr aus dem Orient.) Because the enemy can be everywhere, the countermeasures to this threat have to be everywhere. Videocontrolled environments and total observation is the answer to this yet unknown danger. So the "open" societies have to imprison themselves behind safe curtains of material and immaterial walls. (fire-walls) because the possible attacker is "out there". Corcoran, originally meant to imprison the dangerous elements of society, and keep them far away from the peaceful rest, becomes the "still life" of the post-fidelity generation. "Safety first" is the imperative of the WW-III victimized First world.

3. The exponential growth syndrome is the dark underside of progress.
Material growth in production and distribution systems lead to the known fallacies of our times: Ressource depletion, ecological pollution and environmental degradation is a global product of mankind's accelerating rate of entropy-generating technologies, This speeding up of former slow processes (agricultere and manufacturing) can result in a crash-test for the planetary system Earth, because there is no way out, momentarily we cannot exit spaceship Earth, we are in a closed system. Information infrastructures (internet) are showing the effects of nearly unlimited acceleration.

4. Fractalization and increasing context-complexity is leading to the new incomprehensibility (Habermas) of reality schemes. The speeding up of information-generation to the limit of the speed of light comes to an halt, when everything is now. Pattern-recognition has to be done in real time, cause and effect interfere immediately and the observer is obsolete.

You can only participate in this massage of the media-machine and immerse in the everenfolding information-overflow, co-evolving with the grand design of the continuum, implemented by the systems-guarantor. The coast-line of the entire island is endlessly fractalized in non-determistic Chaos patterns and the gestalt of a figure has to be grasped in an instant. Aesthetics becomes the guideline of the incomprehensive whole. Design uses this radiance to render this incomplete sketch of an unspoken future worldview. The apparent crisis of perception opens doors to the unknown and invisible lost lands of the imaginative mind, bypassing the self and its brain (Popper/Eccles) with unlimited, transcendent powers.
Globalization - the world is not enough - planetarization is needed. Todays problems are global, so are we told. Be it economy, ecology, energy or sustainability, all has to be seen in the context of globality. But from a systems point of view this global context is too narrow, the systems-guarantor is stretching the envelope, showing the limitations of this worldview. Terrestrial evolution cannot be the only criteria and measure of human action. All our problems are beyond possible solutions on earth-scale only, we are immersed in a larger whole, our planet is not alone, but part of a bigger game, the universal cosmological nous.
As I. Kant was mesmerized by the starry sky above him, we also know the sacred law in us, which brings us to the appreciation of the entire systems-design - and this is not earth-bound or only worldwide - it is the incomprehensible largeness of the universal texture of layers and layers in the black matter on the far side of the paradigm, we live in. The more we learn about the little planet, we are placed upon, the more wr see the new patterns emerging out of the blue and not anticipated yet. However we get the feeling and the sense for these alternative realities, we kind of remember and reunite the separate particles in religio - it's a spiritual way of understanding, not explicapable at the moment, as A. Einstein remarked: Intuition comes first, later followed by explanations. So we are always in need for a higher self, larger than life, more complex than everything we can imagine, nonetheless trusting, that the systems-guarantor will show us the next level of insight and give us the necessary guiding principles on this serendipity-trail of trial and error in wasteland.



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