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Dear Mustafa,


I had the problem of consciousness of working class already in German Democratic Republic. The working class herself demanded capitalism! My doubts I found later by Adorno. In Germany arises a (German) dialectic-discussion in the Internet through Adorno´s critique to Hegel. I'm not an Adorno-Fan, but we must think about it. And I don't believe that working class moves from "class in itself" to a "class for itself". Contemporary the working class disappears. More and more people have no "chance" to be exploited by wage labour! We become new day-laborers in services...and more and more people (mostly women) in the world work and create values without wage! If working class is defined by: "do surplus labour" I want to ask: and woman? and creative, productive nature? In an economic-only-view we don't see them. It may be correct to analyze one detail. (With regard to economic process really only men create values, do surplus labor. But in reality men only RELEASE forces of nature for his purpose. Muscles alone - can't work (muscles are itself nature...)). This leads to the question: What is exploitation contemporary? Exploitation is appropriation of unpaid labor. Is not-Exploitation only full-paid labor? Why paying at all? Should all woman reproduction-labor be paid? Should all nature-productivity be paid? This would lead to the subordination of all sections of life under money, money... (if Dollar or Rubles). We forget quality of life and nature in this only-economy-view. Yes: capitalism is an only-economy-world. But I assume that our task is to OVERCOME this situation not by "doing economy better", but by OVERCOME THE REIGN OF ECONOMY OVER LIFE. We must overcome this only-money-view. It is only possible, if we have enough surplus. For a scantiness-society the capitalistic economy may be the best and effectivest! (In socialist countries we tried another management on the base of the same economy (value-law). But we weren't able to do a better democratic economy on this basis! There weren't not only subjective causes, but also objective!). We, all people, must define, what we need to have enough! The nature need this and we need this! I don't fight against capitalism because I have not enough money or consume-commodities. I fight against it because it hampers me to life according to MY needs. Basic needs are (after food, house, cloths...) are social safety, friends, feelings and so on. People must repress them because they can't sell their working-power well with these features. Most of my friends are thinking similarly. My friends in several groups work for these reasons, not for "theoretical knowledge"-reasons or "class consciousness". And I think, that class-consciousness-people in their deep-Selves are also searching for such needs. Oh, generally I not "psychologize". But I want to explain some of my ulterior motives to deal not only with economy-arguments. Maybe the expansion bring us solutions for economic problems too. Marx analyzed economy of capitalism, because capitalism IS an economy-reigned society. But I think that his goal was to overcome this situation and society and theory. And this leads to another strategy of struggle... The working class "for itself" must be negated to a non-class associated-working mankind. The Indians and other people of the world have not to become workers first before liberate. The Indian woman, who protect their forests against industrialization - are right! The protect their subsistence against capital and their life against becoming exploited (and than liberated) workers! All creative people unite to a network of associated and sustainable work. Sustainable with respect to ecology and sustainable with respect to our creative forces! Maybe sometimes I do the second step before the first. But maybe I see some tendencies earlier...? And if we see new tendencies we can do the first step in another way as we thought some years ago...?


Puhh, it is not easy to explain complete (nowritten) book-volumes in one mail and in another language... excuse me.

Friendly Annette

Some days later I have new ideas: Maybe all labour (also no-wage-labor of woman...) is wage-labor in the sense of Marx, but without wage. Marx is right - but there is another problem: Must the way out lie within the capitalistic economy? With Hegel Marx searched the way out within the inner contradictions. But the inner contradictions determine only the evolution of this system, not the death of an old system and the becoming of a new. Here emerges a new essence, new laws.

Each evolution is lawful and no-lawful. No-lawful, because not the laws of the old society determine the further evolution - lawful, because its achievements were sublated in a comprehensiver system. Its evolution produces new laws... (evolution of evolution-principles...).

This addition to dialectics explains the laws of changing systems, like we want... The no-lawfulness in the "bifurcation-points" and its preparation before is not "indeterminateness", but another form of determination within the evolution. (13.7.97)

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