Welcome to Maunzi's Site
Hello! You've just found my Homepage. The family I live with works a lot with the computer and the Internet. Everyone has had a Homepage excxept me (and the budgie) until now. That's why I thought, people who read about the other members of the family on the Internet should read about me as well because I am an important part of the family.
So I asked Tanja to help me creating my own homepage. And here it is! That's me
My name is Maunzi and I am a cat. I live in germany together with the family Schlemm. I am eight years and a half old. My fur is brown with beautyful black stripes and points. My eyes are something between yellow and orange.
I really like sleeping, being petted, playing, sitting in the window and watching birds, having a quiet place and watching the other familymembers, and much more.

me sitting in the window
I love sitting in Tanja's window and watching the cars and trams on the street.

How I came to my family
I can't really remember my childhood. But I still know it was not very good. My mother was a cat who lived on the street and did not have a family. Even as little kitty I had a lot of fleas. When I was only a few weeks old I fell in a hole at a building site. It was terrible down there. But I was lucky. Workers found me there a little later. They brought me to a woman who took care of some homeless cats. She called me Floh (german, means flea) because of my many fleas.

me and another kitty climbing on an older cat

There I met another kitty and a very nice older cat. We often played together. The dark kitty is me.

When I was a few months old I didn't have any fleas anymore. One day a man (as I know now: Tanja's dad) came and took me and the other kitty (ok we weren't really kitties anymore) and brought us to his home. The child (Tanja, 7 years old) had wished a cat for so long. We both stayed there for a while, then the family chose one: me. And here I am, a member of this great family.

There are a lot of places in our flat I really love. I want to show you a few of them now.

me lying on the model trains

Two or three weeks befor christmas, Tanja and Hermann get the electrical model trains out. I love sleeping there and I love catching metalmice.

me lying on the couch next to Annette

In the night I always sleep there. If I already lie there and someone's coming we use it together.

me siting behind the clothes-line

I like sitting in the bathroom on one of the smaller cupboards behind the clothes. I can hardly be seen but I see everything.

me on the carpet

Here you see me on a carpet in a room upstairs. I like this place because here it's always warm.

me lying in a cardbox

I loved that cardbox on the cupboard. Unfortunately the family moved the cupboard and I don't have that great place anymore.

me between the files
This place is in Hermann's office between the files. I often hide behind them, when strange people come.

Expeditions through the flat
I often walk through the complet flat. I check if everything is ok, I always look for new places to sleep, to look out of the window and I am very curious. If there is something new, I inspect it exactly.

me inspecting Tanja's room

In Tanja's room there are always interesting things to see and smell.

Snuggling to humans
When I was new in the family I didn't really trust anyone, especially Tanja. I did not like to be on somebody's arms (especially Tanja's arms because she didn't know how to take me right) and when sombody was passing me I always stepped back a little bit.
But now I am older and calmer. I don't run away if there is somebody walking next to me and I love being in someone's arms.

I love lying next to Tanja and being petted.

A few more pictures

Hmmm... I like cream

Here I am lying in front of Annette's computer

confused by the flashlight

confused by the flashlight

This picture is from last christmas.Unfortunately only one of all the presents is mine.

me and my present
Here I am trying to unpack my present. I didn't get it, but Tanja was so kind and opened it for me

Ok That's it. If you have any comments, please send them to Tanja (contact@tanja-schlemm.de). She will give them to me. I hope you enjoied visiting my Homepage.
Tanja has written a text about me, too, but it's in german.

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