I've learned Chinese for two and a half year now. I've updated the text I wrote two years ago and here it is:

Nî men hâo!
Wô jiao Tányà, shí liu suì. Wô shì dèguò nü xuésheng, zhù zài yéná. Wô de mama shì zhé xué jia, wô de bàba shì wù lî xué jia. Wô shangwû zài xuéxiào xuéxi. Wô xîhuan xué zhongwén he wù lî xué. Wô yôu yí shí suì de mao.
Zài jiàn!

Chinese is an interesting language. It is a language that doesn't use letters, but characters. Chinese has a transcription you can also write with normal letters. My first text (above) is written in transcription. It is difficult to learn the characters and mine don't look very good, yet. But in fact, Chinese is easier than some other languages. There are no grammatical changes in the pronunciation and the characters. The verbs don't change, either. But there are many grammatical words. For example, you have to use special words in front of numbers, when you count something. The pronuncation is difficult, too. There are four kinds too speak one syllable and every one has an other meaning. Chinese is completely different from the European languages but I think it is a great language.

Here are the characters:

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