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 ThurNet - Support Mailingliste

Um den Support zu verbessern gibt es jetzt eine Mailingliste: 

Um diese Mailingliste lesen zu können, müssen Sie diese Liste zuerst abbonieren. Das geht so: 

Wenn diese Liste abboniert wurde, dann kann man an diese Liste fragen stellen. Wenn einer der Leser eine Antwort weis, dann wird diese bitte DIREKT an den Fragensteller gemailt! 

Weitere Möglichkeiten dieser Liste 

(Aus der Petidomeo Hilfe) 

PetiDomo help page (14 January 1996) 

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the various local mailing lists 
by sending email to <> or <>. 

The commands understood by the PetiDomo program are: 

          Lists this file. This is also sent whenever a message to 
          PetiDomo is received from which no valid command could be 

    HELP listname 
          Lists a brief description of the list requested. 

    LIST [address] 
          Lists all mailing lists to which the given address is 
          subscribed. If you omit the 'address' the command will assume 
          the mailbox is in the from line. 

          Lists all the lists available for subscription. 

          Lists all the lists and their descriptions. 

    ADD [address] listname 
    DELETE [address] listname 
          Adds or deletes the given address to or from the list 
          specified. Mail is sent to the address given to confirm the 
          add or delete operation.  If you omit the 'address' the 
          command will assume the mailbox that is in the From: line of 
          the message. Note that SUBSCRIBE is a synonym for ADD; 
          UNSUBSCRIBE for DELETE. 

    DELETE-ALL [address] 
    UNSUBSCRIBE-ALL [address] 
          Unsubscribes given address from all mailing lists. Mail is 
          sent the address given to confirm the deletions. If you omit 
          the 'address' the command will assume the mailbox that is in 
          the From: line of the message. 

    FAQ [listname] 
          Sends a list of "Frequently Asked Questions" for the 
          appropriate mailing list. If the listname parameter is 
          omitted, a list of available FAQs is sent instead. 

A command must be the first word on each line in the message. Lines which 
do not start with a command word result in this file to be sent. If no 
commands were found in the entire message, that message is completely 
ignored. A single message may contain multiple commands; some commands may 
result in a separate reply (namely FAQ, HELP) while others will just write 
something to the logfile. You will always receive a response to any command 
found in the mail. 

In case you do not address the mail to, but to 
<mailinglist>, the name of the list will be assumed as 
"mailinglist" if you omit the parameter at the ADD, DELETE, HELP and FAQ 
commands. One short example: 


     ADD myaddress@mysite 

will add myaddress@mysite to the "Testlist" and send the FAQ back in 
return. You see, it's not possible to get the list of available FAQs 
when mailing to a "-request" address, because PetiDomo will try to send 
the specific FAQ out. 

Please note that it IS possible to add or delete someone else's 
subscription to a mailing list. This facility is provided so that 
subscribers may alter their own subscriptions from a new or different 
computer account. There is therefore some potential for abuse; I have 
chosen to limit this by mailing a confirmation notification of any addition 
or deletion to the address added or deleted including a copy of the message 
which requested the operation. At least you can find out who's doing it to 


     add niftylist 
     delete junkylist 
     help eggbeaters 

Note that you mail submissions to a mailing list by addressing mail to the 
list's name at this site (e.g., If you have any 
questions or need assistance, you can send email to for a human answer. 

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