Algeria tour Dec.1999/Jan.2000

Hallo and welcome to some photos of this tour.!

This tour was from Germany, to Austria, Italy, across Tunisia,

to Algeria. We entered Algeria near Tozeur and went down to Djanet

but must turn back only 200km before Djanet at Chrismas eve 1999.

We went back close to the Libyan border and reached Tunisia

where we left it 3 weeks ago.

The tour was about 9000km in 4 weeks

The camrea was a Canon EOS 300 with a Tamron 28-200 and Tokina 19-35.

I'll not write a whole tour-story for this tour. But I'll show you
All following photos are from this tour. I had 40 slide films and selected only some nice photos...

The sun in the becomes beautiful evening.

This is when you stopped at the right moment.

Sunset in northern Africa... Nice and colorful.

This is the way you build your own way through the desert when it's too soft.

We tried to brake the wood for evenings camp fire... but needed the car.

Dinos in the hard as stone.

The "ships"or the "caravans" of the desert.


Who looks from behind the dune?

meetings friends from Hally Burton Company beside the road to a checkpoint.

Packing in the morning with breakfast takes a long time.

While collecting wood for the Campfire it becomes late night.

But gives a nice flair and beautiful scenery.

What a pot hole.

This happens when you drive to long in the night through the desert...

We called it the silver tree, but don't know what it real is.

Only 3440km to Kairo, or just 680km to Tripolis. International sign.

filling up for the next 650km without a station.

After a jump and landing on a big stone on the road I had to reinstall the exhaust...

A student from Algier drives Taxi across desert in its holidays.

The real inhabitants of the desert, very often found in Algeria.

For what they need this? They don't have to protect fruit and vegetables in the desert.

I hope it will be strong enough.

I must look for new and fresh water, but am to stupid to use the source correctly.

Do you see the flying pancake?.

In the shop for sirups all the generations are in peace together :-).

Please don't worry about pic-size, it should be a photogallery.

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