Hallo and welcome my little "Who am I" - page!

At first this very old photo. ;-)

After 25 years I "stopped being" a single and so I married in 2000.

The things I like are:

- and -

You may have a look at my tour list ...

I like to go to places, wherenormal tourism is unusual

So I travelled to Lebanon, Syria and Eastern Turkey, Algeria and Romania.

I like to meet new people, getthem for friends and learn about their culture, religion and

specials in their countries.This helps me to get more tolerance and understand them better.

It's much easier to understandthe News on radio or TV, when you've been there.

Please Mail your opinion. I'llanswer your critics, hints and opinions...

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Yeah, oh god, "Who's this guy?", oops must be me...;-)

Since I like to travel a lot I just made some trip through our small earth...

My tourlist of the last 12 years is: