Logo stolen at Lada Hellas ;-)

Logo stolen at Lada Germany ;-)

Hallo and welcome on my Niva-modification-page!

Since my Niva is in my ownership, I started building
a long-distance-travel-car...

Article about my Niva in German Offroad Magazin

I named my Niva to 'Ladislav'.;-)

I use Ladislav for such tours, as You can see on starting page

He is a '93 model, has catalysator, is now 115000km, 3 continents and about 25 countries old..;-)
Last time I tested my Niva in the Sahara-Desert of Algeria and Tunisia.
It was at least as good offroad as the Suzuki Samurai of my friend...

Well so he looks from front side..., the bullbar is
from a crashed Niva and so do the sideskirts

The list of the changed or added things:
- 2 Recaro-Touring-Seats
- a Bullbar on the original bumper
- 2 side steps / side skirts
- a sunroof
- a Car-HiFi-System with 4 Speakers, a sound-board covering the trunk and automaticly lifting up, when opening the tailgate
- fuel powered air heater
- a trailer-hitch
- darkened rear side and tailgate-window, to protect from views, when on tour
- completly carpets on all floors
- Volt-Meter, Eco-Meter, In/Out-Thermometer, Inclination-Meter, Compass
- additional Highbeams
- additional Fog lights
- cover for heatings air intake to prevent from rain
- headlight wipers
- Tires 195R16 Technic LT Remould
- Niva-special wheel covers from Turkey
- clap mechanism for front licence plate to be able to use the crank (last winter at -35 degr. cent., northern Sweden)
- Volkswagen Transporter T3 outside mirrors
- wide angle inside mirror
- second battery with second power circuit and main switch to power the air heater and save starter battery
- a Garmin GPS IIIplus receiver for travelling outdoors
- temporarly a Italian made rooftent, as you can see on NearEast-Page

I put some photos here:
. .

These are the old Ford-seats, that I had replaced for original seats,
but in Oct. 1997, I replaced once more to a set of Recaro's
This Sideskirts are not looking very good, but I need them to protect
my Niva from stones and sandstream, that removes all paint on rear
Wheelguard, when driving fast sandy offroad pists...

. .
The Wheel-Covers have a special holder and or not for use with other cars

Here are still the Recaro-seats, but only from rear side - sorry.
The Soundboard liftes normally up, when you open the tailgate, it
is made if wood and alluminium and carries these speaker, I bought in Toronto, Canada.

The cake-box is not carrying a cake, but all tools and some
spares. It is a good place, to put some things in your Niva,
you often need. On the right side you can see the inclination-meter.
and a lovely little Lion. I have also a black bear and a fox in
my Niva, to show. how they look like, if I meet one of them offroads ;-)


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