NearEastI, the tour Aug./Sept. 1995.

Hallo and welcome to some photos of my first tour to the NearEast!

I just put some photos here and you may get a little feeling of beautiful
landscape there.
We started in Germany, traveled trough Austria down to Italy and
took the ferry to Patras (Greece). While driving trough Greece we crossed
the Channel of Corinth, which is a very famous quite ancient channel built
several years ago. After that we climbed up the Athen's Hills to the
Acropolis and took a look to these fascinating buildings there.
In the evening we boarded to our 2.5days-Ferry to Haifa/Israel.
This ferry (MF Nissos Kypros) stops at Rhodos and Cyprus.
It was quite hard to enter Israel, because of a real intensive check of
all thing we carried. Then we drove dircectly to Jordan-Valley-Crossing-Point
and crossed the border to Jordan. We had been about 2 weeks in Jordan, traveling
from north to south. We crossed the Wadi Rum to Aqaba and went back to Israel
to be there 2 more weeks traveling up from south to north.
We have been to Hebron and I really like the City of Jerusalem.
Being up north we stopped several days in the area of Kinnereth
(or Tiberias-Lake, or Sea Genezareth) and the Golan-mountains
After some days in the little area of Achzib-Land we had been back
to Haifa and took back the same way, we came.
We had been about 5.5 weeks around and taken 16 print-films....
All following photos are from this tour. I just selected some of them...

Having a nice sunset at the Red Sea... after a whole day of diving between
a lot of corals and coloured fishs...

The Banyas NP is situated in the north of Israel and show really fascinating
landscape. This waterfall is simply called Banyas-Waterfall...;-)

The Lake Genezareth is wellknown from the Bible, where Jesus made
wine from water... This photo shows not really the beautiful sea there ;-)

This Wadi is called Wadi Mudschib and is the Grand Canyon of Jordan.
The difference of height from top to bottom is about 400m.

Why we have this 4WD? - To go 4Wding! In the desert of Negev You'll
find a lot good pists and other areas to do this!

If You are only down at the Dead Sea you'll never see such a beautiful sunrise
You'll need to climb up the Massada-Mountain in the morning around 4.30am and
there it will be like this .

These are the entry and the departure stamp of Achzib-Land. This is a 3000qm
area close to the Libanais border in the north of Israel.

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