NearEastII, the tour Sept./Oct. 1997.

Hallo and welcome to some photos of my tour Sep./Oct. 1997!

This tour was from Germany, to Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey,

Syria, Lebanon, back to Syria, back to Turkey, then the ferry to Venice, Italy

and back home. It was a 10000km tour in 5 1/2 weeks.

I'll write a tour-story for this tour in the next weeks.
All following photos are from this tour. I had 32 films and selected only some nice photos...

Having a nice breakfast in the mountains of northern Greece...hmmm.

The clouds are to be entered before we'll reach the black sea (North-Turkey).

Watercrossings in Greece were unknown, but I found one!

You should know this famouse mountain: Mt. Ararat (Turkey/Ermenistan), where Noah arrived with his Arche.

These camels met us in the syrian desert.

Read the sign!

...some more in the syrian desert...

The column-street of Apamea is more than 2km long, but normally no access by car...

A night in the harbour of Antalya.

This is the permit, You'll need if you will see Ani. The area of Ani is close to the border
with Ermenistan and to get htis paper, you'll need to go to a lot of departments in Kars /TR.

Please don't worry about pic-size, it should be a photogallery.

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