Hi friends!
I just added new pix of a Lada-Niva, I found in Romania!
here you'll find vehicles, that I find strange, interesting, or what else....
It shouldn't be a catalogue, just a little photocollection.
Some of these photos are not taken by me, I collected them in the Internet.

This was a Niva before, but modified a bit...


This was a Jeep, but it was converted for a ATW-Trip (around the world).
It was also used for a tour, there was a book available the "HALFSAFE", what's the name of it.

This AMPHIRANGER is German brand and can swim and 4WD, which is a very interesting combination, isn't it?

This vehicle is FORD-Fiesta based and all you need is the conversation kit for building your own Dutt Mariner..

This motorcycle is 2x2, weak powered, but possibly quit good offroads...It crossed the Darien Gap in Panama/Kolumbien...

This Niva is the Niva-Club-EFI-Model from Greece, it's from a brochure!

This is a special-Niva-Model fur Tundra and Taiga conditions.

regards, Hendrik