Hi everybody, to see some small toys you are right here....

If you join a Lada, you'll need a little toy's Lada too.
So there are different models available. I found a Niva w/o trailer,
a Niva w/trailer, a 2105 Lada Nova, a Lada Samara...

In the same size there are available a ZIL-goverment-car (long
version) and that UAZ 469, a russian 4x4 model, which looks
like an old Jeep CJ.

. .

The productions quality is as good and as bad as the real cars are constructed too.
Most doors are a bit difficult to open, they don't fit really good. My UAZ lost the spare
tire quickly. The Niva-mirror for right side was broken, when I bought it and the
battery of the Nova is still missing.....but: "Who cares that?" ;-)

The Niva-Model has a really working suspension and steering system. The tailgate, the
bonnet and both doors may be opened. At the UAZ and the 2105 Nova all doors can be
opened and the bonnet and the tailgate. Any model is euqipped with spinning shaft drive and
original designed rims.
I think this is a good gift for a Lada Fan and a good surprise....
The models were available in Germany foer about 15U$ each, but the Niva, the ZIL, the
Nova and the UAZ have stopped. Only some Samaras are left...
Here you may mail me...