Hello friends!

On this page I like to show some photos of my former and my actual vehicles.

Ok, let's go!

Something has changed... as Heavy as a Truck, as strong as a Niva.
But Diesel, 92l-Tank, 5-Door. After 150Tkm on the clock my Niva becomes a pensioner ;-)

My first vehicle -SIMSON SR50, 50cc, 60km/h and 23000km (1988-1990)
Not fast, but quite cheap for a schoolboy...
Got a new one in 1993, but crashed at 11.Aug.2000
when a drunken cardriver was to fast

My 2nd vehicle, MZ ETZ 150, 143cc, 110km/h, 40000km, 8 countries, (1990-1993)
A Renault finished her live in 1993 - sold - rebuilt - and now back at me.

My actual, ETZ 251, 300cc, 27hp, 125km/h, 110000km (today), 30 countries, 1989 model, (since 1993...)
This photo is some years old, so I changed something at her last time:
Higher handle bar, engine protector from alloy, removed disc-cover, longer and stronger rear swing arm,
longer rear shocks, 300cc-engine. First engine was good for 60000km and is still running...
I also modified her for driving trough deep waters up to 55cm (tested in Iceland...)

Today it looks exactly like MuZ Country, but has 2-cycle engine.
She is called "Emmi" and brings me a lot of fun.

ETZ 250 F, Police-Bike, 250cc, 110km/h, 12000km, (model 1983, 1995-1998), sold

For Sale, ES250/1, 250ccc, 110km/h, ca. 25000km, (model 1964)

ES250/2 w/sidecar, 250cc, 100km/h, ca. 25000km, (model 1972), sold

Still converted from freight- to a person-sidecar, 250cc, 100km/h, (model 1989, since 1996)

My first car - a Lada Nova, 1300cc, 140km/h, 6 countries, 110000km, (model 1987, 1992-1996), sold

My first 4WD, we travelled togehter to Jordan, Israel, etc., 1600cc, 135km/h, 8 countries, (model 1990, 1995-1996), sold

My actual, my Niva "Ladislav", 1600cc, 110km/h, 140000km, 20 countries, (1996...

Any comments?