Auf dieser Seite möchte ich den Umbau meines Galloper zum Campingfahrzeug darstellen.
Die Beschreibung ist aber in englisch!

Since I like to do long distance tours in my Galloper I modified
it a bit. These are photos from 2002, when I changed the usual 4x4
into a 4x4 Motorhome...
The car had original 10 seats inside and I changed over to only 7 registered seats.
All things that I installed are strong enough for Sahara pists.
The floor go cork designed plastics the usually is made for kitchens.
I used first quality wood (5 layer, water resist, 8mm), all armature are bought at special dealers.
I did not drill any extra hole in the car, I only used original fitting points!
The hole extension was about 600Euro, but I made everything myself.!

On the last tour we had to bikes inside the car insead the second seat.
For that we couldn't sleep inside the car. We used our rooftent (please see the extra
page on this site). On the rear side of the tent I added a sun-blind the protects
the rear door from sund and rain.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

At first I changed the Original 3 (yes three) seats in the front area to my nice Recaro's
that I bought for the previos Lada Niva. The seats fit very good and give much better
position for the driver. The seats are about 5cm more in rear direction and a little bit lower.
In the middle between the seats you can see the original box from Pajero L040, that I added too.

This is the sleeping room, while traveling. The sleeping area ist 120cm in front
and 90cm in the rear part for the foots. The sleeping mattress is 190cm long. The
second seats are folded frontwards and it's to sleep on the rear seat, an extension plate on that and
on the folded second seat. Here You'll have the first look on the kitchen too.

Here you can see the extension plate. Under that you may put some luggage while sleeping.

The aluminium profil line under the front part of the seat carries the extension plate.
The same thing should be installed
at rear door to have the rear door table.
But it isn't done 'til now ...

Now you can see the folded mattress and removed extension plate. This plate is placed
on the table for this photo. The second seat is folded
and the mattress is carried on it.
That You can imagine how to sit there, I moved the table a bit. This table is 80x45cm and
can move 47cm to the left side. It can carry about 50kg.

Here you can see the table totally moved to left side. The table plate can be removed
for out door use in 5seconds. I think to modify the plate that I can use it for sleeping
extension plate, table and rear door mountable table together. But this needs to modify
the luggage box under the left seat.

This is only a look inside, when I don't carry the mattress every day. Rear seat is folded.

The view from the left side shows the use of the top right corner in the roof.
I added a plate that gives extra storage and I put 2 beatiful halogen lights in.

Detail-View with some things...

When I'm sitting on the table I see the "kitchen". On the left side You can see the
gas-stove with to burners. The left part of the rear window can be moved so the smoke
can go through it outside...
On the right side You see the installation for water. The "shower" head has 1.5m cable
and can be used outside the car too.

This plate is selfmade and covers the basin. With that I have more room for cooking's utilities.
I told you, that the table can be removed easily, here you see how this will look like.

The whole "kitchen" covering stove and basi can be removed for outdoor use. It has it's own
stand inside. This stand is in the hight, that a common 5kg-gas-bottle could be placed under it.
The stove so is good for more than just travelling. I use it for garden-parties, repair-jobs...
It takes about 3-5min to removed it because the gas line need to be changed too.
I do have wind shields too for outdoor conditions.

But how to carry the gas bottle? Here you can see how I solved this problem. There
may be placed the common 5kg-bottle and the 3kg-bottle. Behind the bottle you may see the
second battery, that is charged by a selfmade automatic charging system. It gives the
power for the fridge, the table lights, and in future for the diesel powered heater too.
Also in that small room all the fuses an wiring for extra electrics is installed.
And the 1.5m-water cable for the shower is placed.
On top of the opened door you can see a small toolbox for lighters etc.

Where to carry the water? I installed a 12l fresh-water-tank using special kanister.
The pump is inside the kanister. It's easy to disconnect the kanister for refilling.
I know, that 12l are not so much, but since we used camp gounds on last tours, we didn't
need more per day.
The used water goes into another kanister that couln'd be seen here.

And last but not least where to carry extra water, tools, some food, some beer etc.?
My solution is the luggage box under the left rear seat. The seat could be folded upwards.
So the seats gives the lid for that box.

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