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MJH Fanclub Germany - Poll 1999



In this report, I'm going to give you an impression about the first poll in the German MJH-Mailinglist. The poll was carried out between February 21, and March 2, with 41 people participating (that's 35,34% of the mailinglist-subscribers). In the course of this text, there will be many quotes, although sometimes abbreviated... Before going into details I want to point out that this is only a summary of the German report. Furthermore, please note that English is not my native language, so excuse possible mistakes.

Expression of thanks:

Many thanks to all who took part in the poll, especially

Responsible for this poll:

Andreas Neumann (a.neumann@t-online.at)

General questions and questions about the Mailinglist:

  1. What is your age?
         average:              20.37 years
         minimum:              14 years
         maximum:              37 years
         Comparison to Melissa's age:
                              73.81% are younger,
                              26.19% are older
  2. What country do you live in?

         Germany:             83.33%
         Austria:              8.33%
         Switzerland:          5.56%
         Luxembourg:           2.78%
  3. When did you first encounter Melissa Joan Hart?

    On this and on the next question, I logically got a wide spread of responses and I thought it was the best to divide them in four time-periods:

         1997 or before:         67.50%
         first half 1998:           25%
         second half 1998:        7.50%
         1999:                       0%
  4. When did you first subscribe to the Mailinglist?

         1997 or before:         17.50%
         first half 1998:        22.50%
         second half 1998:          45%
         1999:                      15%
    It is interesting to note that the vast majority of the subscribers was introduced to Melissa before 1997 but most of them joined the Mailinglist in the second half of 1998.

  5. What do you like about the mailing list, what not?

    Positive things about the list:

    In general, most people praised the exchange of information and the contact with kindred spirits. Now some responses in detail:

    Negative things about the list:

    Most people criticized the fact that sometimes people only give sarcastic and unfriendly comments. Now some responses in detail:

Questions about "STTW":

  1. How many episodes of STTW have you already seen?
         none:     0%
         few:      0%
         many:    40%
         all:     60%
  2. What do you like about STTW and what not?

    Positive things about STTW:

    Logically, most people mentioned that they like the show because of Melissa, but many of them also like the jokes and the good scripts. Now some responses in detail:

    Negative things about STTW:

    Here I again got a wide spread of responses, but people often mentioned that there are sometimes poor scripts. Now some responses in detail:

  3. Which are your favorite and least-favorite episodes of STTW?

    The most favorite episodes:

         1. The Band Episode (#042) - 8 votes
         2. Pilot            (#001) - 4 votes
         3. Sabrina Claus    (#036) - 3 votes
         3. Quiz Show        (#044) - 3 votes
    The least-favorite episodes:

    The result of this question is very clear, the least-favorite episode - with 8 votes is:

         Disneyworld    (#049)
    All other least-favorite episodes were mentioned less than once.

  4. Which season of STTW do you prefer?
         the first:         25.64%
         the second:        17.95%
         both are good:     56.41%
    Reasons for the first season:

    Reasons for the second season:

  5. Who are - apart from Melissa - your favorite actors/actresses in STTW?
         1. Salem                      - 15 votes
         2. Hilda (Caroline Rhea)      -  8 votes
         3. Zelda (Beth Broderick)     -  7 votes
         4. Quizmaster (Alimi Ballard) -  6 votes
         5. Harvey (Nate Richert)      -  5 votes
    The following actors got 4 votes:
         Libby (Jenna Leigh Green)
         Valerie (Lindsay Sloane)
         Mr. Pool (Paul Feig)
    Jenny (Michelle Beaudoin) got 2 votes.

    The following actors got 1 vote:

         Mr. Kraft (Martin Mull)
         Drell (Penn Jillette)
  6. Do you think it is bad that the characters of Mr. Pool and Jenny were replaced by other actors after the first season?
         yes:                        65.79%
         no:                         23.68%
         I don't mind:               10.53%
  7. Who do you like better?
         Jenny (Michelle Beaudoin):  34.15%
         Valerie (Lindsay Sloane):   39.02%
         I like both of them:        26.83%
  8. Are you collecting episodes of STTW?

         no:                         17.07%
         yes, some episodes:         21.95%
         yes, many episodes:         12.20%
         yes, all episodes:          48.78%

Questions about "Clarissa":

  1. How many episodes of "CEIA" have you already seen?
         none:     12.82%
         few:      15.38%
         many:     25.64%
         all:      46.16%
  2. Which series do you prefer, "CEIA" or "STTW", and why?
         68% prefer STTW
         32% prefer CEIA
    General responses:

    Reasons for CEIA:

    Reasons for STTW:

Questions about Melissa:

  1. How did you first learn about Melissa Joan Hart?

         a) on CEIA:                  60.97%
         b) on STTW:                  26.83%
         c) on one of her movies:      4.88%
         d) on the web:                4.88%
         e) other:                     2.44%
    Under c), the films "Two Came Back" und "Twisted Desire" were mentioned;
    Under e), a report on RTL2 (a German TV-station) was mentioned.

  2. What do you like about Melissa and what not?

    Positive things about Melissa:

    Most people mentioned her charisma and her good looks.
    Now some responses in detail:

    Negative things about Melissa:

  3. Should Melissa wear her hair long (like in 'Two came back') or short (like in the Sabrina movie)?

         long hair:      72.73%
         short hair:     27.27%
  4. What kind of characters would you like Melissa to play in the future?

    Here, I again got a wide spread of responses, so I just quote some of the responses:

General questions II:

  1. Who are your three favorite actresses? Rank them, 1 = most favorite etc.; (Note: If Melissa is one of them, include her in the list.)

    I used the following system to calculate the result: Every vote for the first place (most favorite) counts as 3 points, every vote for the second place 2 points and every vote for the third place 1 point.

    The result:

         1. Melissa Joan Hart 101 points
         2. Sarah Michelle Gellar 15 points
         3. Alicia Silverstone 10 points
         4. Sandra Bullock 9 points
         5. Meg Ryan 6 points
         6. Jennifer Love Hewitt 5 points
         7. Christina Applegate 4 points
         7. Jennifer Aniston 4 points
    3 points got:
         Katie Holmes, Jenna von Oy, Marisa Tomei,
         Anna Paquin, Terry Farrell, Alicia Witt
    2 points got:
         Jamie Lee Curtis, Cybill Shepherd, Lacey Chabert, Andrea Parker,
         Amanda Langlet, Alyssa Milano, Courtney Peldon, Sabrina Lloyd,
         Kellie Williams, Alyson Hannigan, Natalie Portman, Danica
         McKellar, Drew Barrymore, Vanessa Paradise, Winona Ryder
    1 point got:
         Juliette Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Larisa Oleynik, Gilian Anderson,
         Kellie Martin, Jenna Leigh Green, Eva Habermann, Calista Flockhart,
         Gaby Hoffmann, Jewel Staite, Rachel Blanchard, Lauren Hewett,
         Megan Follows, Sharon Gless, Shelly Long, Janine Turner
  2. Is there any comment you would like to make for inclusion in the summary of responses?

    General comments:

    Comments on this poll:


I think, concerning the comments and the attendance, the poll was very successful. I know that the Clarissa part was too small, but I did not want the poll to be too extensive. Apart from that, STTW is more up-to-date and more popular (see question 15). But I promise, next time there will be more questions about CEIA. Finally, I want to thank all those who helped me to carry out this poll, the next one will probably start in February 2000.

Neumann Andreas. "> http://www.thur.de

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