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Some people make you sick, don't say ? Specifically young, talented, clever people like Melissa Joan Hart. Some people might be happy with one hit on TV series a day, but not Melissa. Oh No, so successful is Melissa that she can now boast two primetime Saturday shows on British TV. Not content being a clever-clocks in Melissa Explains it all, now she pops up on ITV as everyone's favourite teenage witch, Sabrina. And all this while still a student? An explanation is in order.

It obviously helps to start young. Melissa's first break came the age of four when she was cast in a television commercial. In fact, Melissa was so sure of her future that she has confessed:

"I really nagged my mom to go on TV, so she find out how I could do it."

The nagging paid off because Melissa has worked ever since. Among her enviously long list of TV credits are The Equaliser, Saturday Night Live and Another world. Not only that, she starred in the Emmy award-winning movie, Christmas Show and made her stage debut opposite film legend Martin Sheen in The Crucible. And as for her poor mum? Well, she became her agent. Melissa was fourteen when she was cast as Clarissa, the role for which she is still best known. The show became a massive hit Stateside, spawning a whole host of spin-off and videos. After four years the show finest on a high and Melissa took time out to attend New York University. Not That this put her career on hold, she was soon mixing studies and shooting again when she cast as the ordinary teenager who discovered that she hails from a family of witches! Sabrina was immediate hit in the US, where it share Friday nights with Clueless. With a mantelpiece already creaking under the weight of prizes, Melissa obviously has a glittering career ahead of her. And there is yet more bad news for us jealous types, Melissa has four younger sisters and one brother, all of whom have taken up acting! Prepare to be sick all over again.

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