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 ABC Wendy: Welcome to the TGIF "Wrap Party!"  Tonight we're going to chat
LIVE with a whole bunch of the TGIF stars, including Melissa Joan Hart, Alimi
Ballard, Lindsay Ridgeway, Nate Richert, Lindsay Sloane, and Jenna Leigh
Green! There's all going to be on at different times, so you never know who
you're gonna get! Let's go!!! A big ABC Kidzine hello to ....

 TGIFStars: It's Jenna Leigh Green! Hey everybody! I play Libby!

 ABC Wendy: CUTE LOLL wants to know:
 Question: do you think you will ever retire from show buisness

 TGIFStars: I hope not! At some point when I retire from any type of work,
sure. As far as I can see, show business is it!

 ABC Wendy: ZhemmaG asks: Jenna, How do you like playing a mean part in
Sabrina?  Do you resemble Libby's personality in any way?

 TGIFStars: I definitely like playing a mean person! It's fun because it's all
pretend. As soon as they say "cut" everyone knows I wasn't serious. Who
wouldn't want to get to be mean all day and not have reprecussions!

 ABC Wendy: DeannaM83 wonders: Do you all hang around each other a lot since
you work together?

 TGIFStars: Not every waking minute, but we do. We have barbeques or hang out
at the movies or by the pool.

 ABC Wendy: Boss stuf wants to know: where do you buy your clothes?

 TGIFStars: I go shopping in Sabirna's wardrobe a lot. I like taking clothes
home for the weekend. I shop at BeBe, Rampage, and I love thrift shopping. In
Hollywood there are lots of cool vintage thrift stores that are fun to go to!

 ABC Wendy: Gladiartu has a sort of proposal to make...How would you like to
go out on a date with a cute 15 year old from NJ?

 TGIFStars: If I took a couple of years off my age and I happen to be in NJ,
I'll have to think about it! Thanks for the offer! :)

 ABC Wendy: PEACE7288 wants to know:jenna what are ya doing now?

 TGIFStars: I'm about to go see a play and I'm sitting on a cel-phone outside
the theater. The play is called Triumph of Love which recently closed on
Broadway. It's directed by Susan Egan who starred in the Broadway show and was
the original Belle in Beauty & the Beast on Broadway!

 ABC Wendy: KJagr68 asks:  how old are you?

 TGIFStars: You're so nosy. No, I'm kidding! I'm 23 but I look 17, don't I?
That's what really matters!

 ABC Wendy: NicStagg wants to know: what are your summer plans?

 TGIFStars: I just closed West Side Story so right now I'm taking a break and
auditioning for movies. I'm also looking for another play but I don't know
what, so I'll keep everybody posted.

 ABC Wendy: ABC Wendy wants to know...who do you think the cutest singer in
the world is?

 TGIFStars: I'm pondering that one! James Taylor is a god! He is so aswesome.
Jeff Beckley was beautiful and it's so sad that he's not with us anymore.

 ABC Wendy: ValU416 wonders: Did you go to college?:   Did you got o college?
If so, what one?

 TGIFStars: I went to college only for a semester because I was fortunate
enough to get acting work so I had to drop out.  I went to a local community
college where I grew up!

 ABC Wendy: I just talked to the folks at AOL & the reason things are going so
slow is that ABC Kidzine Kidz beat the record for the most people in an online

 ABC Wendy: TAZ 23285 wants to know: What was it like meeting the Backstreet
Boys when they were on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and were hosting TGIF? and
What were they like?

 TGIFStars: They were very cool. Very nice guys. It was Nick's b-day so we had
a little party for him. It was very sweet!

 ABC Wendy: Michlynch has an interesting one, but's an interesting

 TGIFStars: Hey Mich! Harvey...He's probably watching TV or playing music or
something.  And he's cuter in real life than on TV! Don't drool girls! ;)

 ABC Wendy: Cute Scot asks: What do you look for in a guy? Are you dating?

 TGIFStars: I look for someone who wants to have a good time and has good
sense of humor.  Guys who play the piano are awesome (my friend told me to say
that. He plays the piano!

 ABC Wendy: For our last question, AT2AWSW has this to say... hey all, hows it
going? how long is the hiatus for?

 TGIFStars: It is going great! And we'll be back in August to film bigger and
better episodes for all the Sabrina fans. Not to worry! We have plenty of
episodes over the summer  to catch you up until the new ones start!

 ABC Wendy: Thanks Jenna! That was great!!! We're breakin' records here
tonight!!! :-)

 TGIFStars: By everybody. Thank you for making this an awesome turnout.

 ABC Wendy: Have fun at the play!

 TGIFStars: Have a great night!

 ABC Wendy: Everyone hang around for our next guest....Alimi Ballard, the
Quizmaster from "Sabrina the Teenaged Witch"!!!

 TGIFStars: Hi! What's up peoples! How y'all doin'?

 ABC Wendy: COOL190 asks: What are your plans for the summer??

 TGIFStars: Oh wow!  To study kickboxing, go to the Carribean, and shoot a

 ABC Wendy: Rugrat962 wonders:  What's it like to be famous?

 TGIFStars: It's like the last day of school every day of the week!

 ABC Wendy: eeeeeeeexcellent!

 ABC Wendy: JKemp1222 wants to know: What is the most important thing that you
want to accomplish in your life?

 TGIFStars: Is to possitively affect every single person within the sound of
my voice and within the sight of my visage!

 ABC Wendy: Weege79 asks:  Alimi, do you believe in magic?

 TGIFStars: Without question! How do you explain computers? ;)

 ABC Wendy: The Lucy1 asks: do you really dress that funky?

 TGIFStars: I only wish!

 ABC Wendy: Jenbob123 asks:  do you like being a quizmaster?

 TGIFStars: It is the best job in the Cosmos! Second only to Bill Clinton, of
course! ;)

 ABC Wendy: And being ABC Wendy...don't forget about me! :)

 ABC Wendy: LilBitty5 wonders: When did you first go into show biz?

 TGIFStars: Way, way, way back! Once upon a time in 1989! I got involved with
a community theater group in the Bronx and it was magical from the beginning!

 ABC Wendy: XOXLadyBu has this to say...I think you are sooo cute, are you
dating anyone???

 TGIFStars: I am so so heartbroken, but the answer is definitely YES! But
thanks for asking!

 ABC Wendy: Alimi, NAUT1CA96 wants to know: do you have any advice for a young
guy who wants to become an actor, like where should i start and stuff like

 TGIFStars: Check for a local community theater group and check for acting
class. The best place to start is an acting class. Definitely!

 ABC Wendy: DukeBluDe asks: Do you ever actually sit down and watch TGIF?

 TGIFStars: I just did tonight and it was very exciting!

 ABC Wendy: I Gimpd I wants to know: What is the strangest even that has
happend to you in show buisness?

 TGIFStars: My first day on the job, when I was on the soap opera Loving I was
running to the makeup room and the show's biggest star at the time Randy
Mantooth ran right into me and almost knocked me out cold! About 2 weeks later
my character got hit by a Range Rover and I was put into a coma. It was very

 ABC Wendy: Angel2606 wonders: What music do ya like?

 TGIFStars: I love jazz music! And Dishwalla doesn't hurt!


 TGIFStars: It's his way of showing that he loves her!

 ABC Wendy: SGGERI224 asks: Alimi, is Melissa Joan Hart nice in real life?

 TGIFStars: Yeah!

 ABC Wendy: ArticFox6 wonders: Do you think I could get a witches lisence? ;-)

 TGIFStars: Only if you join the cast of SABRINA: THE TEENAGE WITCH!

 ABC Wendy: Mimic111 asks: So how is working with Salem the Cat?

 TGIFStars: We don't work together often, but whenever we's magical!

 ABC Wendy: Bondjrjrt wants to know: What did you want to be when you were a

 TGIFStars: Fireman, a Jamaican, a martial artist, a lawyer, and a mob boss ;)

 ABC Wendy: Irene9049 wonders: If you could be on any other tv show besides
sabrina, what would it be?

 TGIFStars: Tough one! The Quizmaster & Friends!

 ABC Wendy: Our last question for Alimi is from Saira 42O: What are you doing
right now? :)

 TGIFStars: I am stuck in traffic, trying to get into the Midtown Tunnel in

 ABC Wendy: Thanks Alimi (or should I say Quizdude)!!! Have a great night!!!

 TGIFStars: Thanks, all you wonderful AOL people, Goodnight, godbless and

 ABC Wendy: Everyone hang out for our next TGIF guest!!!

 TGIFStars: Have a great night Kidziners!

 ABC Wendy: Don't go away...we'll be back real soon!

 ABC Wendy: I have a special message for my good buddies Katie & Baliey...hope
you're having fun!!!

 ABC Wendy: Next TGIF star isn't going to be on for a bit, so let's do some
TGIF trivia! Once I ask the question, use your "comments button to send in
your guess... we'll pick one person from all of the correct answers & that
person will get a cool ABC Kidzine prize!!!! Here's the first've got
5 minutes to send in your guesses to the "comments" area What does Sabrina use
to fly?

 ABC Wendy: Tigger363 is our winner!!!  The answer is ... Sabrina uses her
vacuum cleaner to fly! e-mail your name and address to me and I'll send out
your prize on Monday!

 ABC Wendy: Our next question is...What happens if Sabrina doesn't get her
witches license?

 ABC Wendy: We've got our winner's Sing4Joy9!!!  The answer is that
Sabrina will become mortal if she doesn't get her license!

 ABC Wendy: Here's the next question...What restaurant do Cory and his friends
like to go to?

 ABC Wendy: Our winner is ilac310! And the answer is Chubbies!

 ABC Wendy: And the next question is...

 ABC Wendy: What did Marty eat that sent him to Heaven?

 ABC Wendy: Titanic96 got the right answer which is a rotten hamburger!!!

 ABC Wendy: Hang out for a bit longer...our TGIF Wrap Party will be continuing
in 30 minutes!!!

 ABC Wendy: Here's the next question...

 ABC Wendy: Who plays Jack in BOY MEETS WORLD?

 ABC Wendy: The answer is Matthew Lawrence and our winner is...Mingioni!!!

 ABC Wendy: Our next question is...Why did Sabrina's hillbilly relatives start
a feud?

 ABC Wendy: CandieKat won this one!!! The answer is that they wanted the magic

 ABC Wendy: Next question...Why did Steve join the school chorus?

 ABC Wendy: We'll be starting in just a few minutes with Lindsay Ridgeway
(Morgan from "Boy Meets World")!!!

 ABC Wendy: ZeviaC is this question's winner!!! The answer was to impress a

 TGIFStars: What's up!!!

 ABC Wendy: MslaCat has the first question for Lindsay Ridgeway... WHAT IS

 TGIFStars: Getting to tape in front of the camera is really fun!

 ABC Wendy: TinTin27 asks: Lindsay-- Where are you right now and do you use
AOL at home?

 TGIFStars: Right now I'm sitting in my den Jennifer who's going to spend the
night. And I'm also with my sister and her friend. We're watching TGIF! And
yes, I do use AOL!

 ABC Wendy: Hehehe86 wonders Hi! Is it fun being a young actress?

 TGIFStars: Yes. It has a lot of advantages. You get to meet a lot of people
and you get to go a lot of places! And it's pretty fun!

 ABC Wendy: CHDP1 asks: What is it like working with Matthew Lawrence,

 TGIFStars: Matt is really cool. He's kind of shy but once you get to know him
he kind of unravels. And he's very polite!

 ABC Wendy: RoxyDream wonders: Do you believe that your characters and
storyline help children deal with real life situations?

 TGIFStars: I think so. There are problems in school and with friends and our
show has real life situations and solutions!

 ABC Wendy: DiGenPian wants to know: What do you have planned for this summer?

 TGIFStars: We start Boy Meets World in July. Until then I'm going to hang
with my friends with the summer that I  have. I'm going to go to the beach and
have lots of fun!

 ABC Wendy: Mel221238 wonders:  what is your favorite thing about your

 TGIFStars: That she's a little sarcastic, because I'm sarcastic sometimes
too! My whole family is sarcastic (sometimes) and my friends are too! ;)

 ABC Wendy: CkandyCan asks:  what type of music do you like??

 TGIFStars: I like Save Ferris, and Celine Dion (one of my favorites)

 ABC Wendy: Hipchic11 wants to know: is eric really act like that in real

 TGIFStars: He is sort of crazy! He would never sing. He just does it for the
show! He's a really funny kind of guy. He likes to let loose! Sometimes his
girlfriend (Jennifer Love Hewiit) come on the set during taping. He's a really
incredible actor and he really gets into character!

 ABC Wendy: BSB1928 wonders:  what do you do in your spare time?

 TGIFStars: I like to hang out with my friends, listen to music, and I love to
sing and dance, and play with my new kitten, Allie! She's so cute. I'm sitting
with her rght now. Along with Jennifer!

 ABC Wendy: Dakota617 asks: Do Cory and Eric really act like big brothers to

 TGIFStars: Yes, they treat me like a little sister. I'm the only child on the
set. Sometimes they give me a hard time!

 ABC Wendy: KittnPawz wonders: How does it feel when your suppose to do
something stupid or embarressing in front of the camera?

 TGIFStars: You just have to go with the flow and do it. That's the fun part
about it, getting to do crazy stuff!

 ABC Wendy: Rosie96 has this to say...Hi Lindsay, I just wondered how long
have you been acting and how did you get into acting? Thanks so much! :oř
Smile, Please! (How old are you ?) Sorry this is such a long question!

 TGIFStars: I've been acting since I was 7.  (I'll be 13 next month!) I got
into acting because I was doing a play and when we were doing the play in LA
and agent saw me and took me into their agency and I  started getting lots of

 ABC Wendy: Looney480 asks: Lindsey... what's your fave movie?

 TGIFStars: TITANIC! That is the best movie ever! My dad has 4 of the prop
forks from the Titanic movie's dining room. They're really cool and they make
me smile!

 ABC Wendy: GVgtrgrl9 wants to know: Does everyone laugh a lot on the set and
get along?

 TGIFStars: Everyone gets along! We're like one big family and we laugh all
the time!

 ABC Wendy: Da1wanaB wonders: DO  U LIKE SCHOOL?

 TGIFStars: I love school! I like going to school on the set then going to my
regular school and seeing my friends! I hate math!

 ABC Wendy: I bet it hates you too:-)

 TGIFStars: I like Spanish, which I'm taking now. I know how to count to 100!

 ABC Wendy: JenicaDnc wants to know: do u wish to continue acting after boy
meets world??

 TGIFStars: Yes. I want to continue for a long time, but I really want to be a
singer, do movies, make albums... like Barbra Streisand!

 ABC Wendy: SOconn292 says:  Lindsey... you're really cute.  Got a boyfriend?

 TGIFStars: No! I don't!

 ABC Wendy: WDX103 wonders:  If you could act with any star who would it be?

 TGIFStars: I would love to act with Robin Williams.  He's really cool and so
funny.  And Tom Cruise!

 ABC Wendy: HeathBar8 asks a question that a bunch of kidz have asked too...
What's it like working with all those hotties?

 TGIFStars: I feel lucky...who wouldn't?  Is ABC Wendy asking me that

 ABC Wendy: Not particularly...they're not really my type...I prefer older


 TGIFStars: I see them every day, so it's just like family.  Well I'm really
not typing right now!


 TGIFStars: But I type every day because I talk online with my friends.  I
have a TV in my van so I do watch the Simpsons on the way home from the set.
I also watch Home Improvement.   I like all the ABC shows!  I watch TGIF and
all those other shows! I also like Frasier...That's cool!

 ABC Wendy: Coolshar wants to know:  Lindsey do you ever get stage fright?

 TGIFStars: I never get stage fright, because I sing a lot on stage and I do a
lot of theater.  And I sing the National Anthem for profession sports teams,
so I'm used to watching people watch me live.  I sing for the Anaheim Angels,
the LA Dodgers and the Mighty Ducks in Anaheim.

 ABC Wendy: MJinSC wants to know:
 Question: Do you have many friends who are not actors?

 TGIFStars: Yes! I have all my friends at school.  I also have lots of friends
who are actors.  They're all really great!

 ABC Wendy: Gwyneth K asks:  Do you have fun watching yourself on TV?!

 TGIFStars: Sometimes... Sometimes I see little things that I could have done
better or different.

 ABC Wendy: Gwing1105 wants to know: Is it hard to remember your lines?

 TGIFStars: It's not hard. I'm a very good memorizer!

 ABC Wendy: CowForLif has an interesting one...
 ABC Wendy: you like cows??

 TGIFStars: Cows are very smelly!

 ABC Wendy: That they are!

 ABC Wendy: Strange98 wonders:
 Question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

 TGIFStars: 1000!

 ABC Wendy:'s 47,854! :)

 ABC Wendy: ITZ T TIM wants to know:
 Question: do you ever crack up when taping a show? what do you do to stop?

 TGIFStars: Usually it's something funny and we all start laughing.  It's
takes 10 minutes to calm down, maybe more.   It's a long night.  Because we
make funny mistakes!

 ABC Wendy: ASAPL wonders: What was your favorite episode of Boy Meets world?

 TGIFStars: The one where I got to sing the Loser Freak song--it was an Alanis
Morissette spoof!  That was fun!

 ABC Wendy: Rubens5 asks: Who inspired you the most?

 TGIFStars: My Mommy! (She's sitting right next to me. What a coincidence!)

 ABC Wendy: For our last question for Lindsay, Savorra asks:
 Question: if you were an animal, which one would you be?

 TGIFStars: Now that's the weirdest question I've ever had!  I'd like to be a
cat. You get to sleep all day and play with all the toys you want!  Pretty
cool!  And you get to go out at night and sneak around!

 ABC Wendy: Thanx Lindsay!!! Stay tuned for our next guests...

 TGIFStars: It's been nice talking to all of you and I hope to  talk to you
all again.  Keep watching next season to find out what happens!

 ABC Wendy: Our final guests tonight are a few of everyone's faves...Melissa
Joan Hart, Nate Richert, and Lindsay Sloane!!! Let's get started!!!We're on
for our last hour lets get the questions in!

 TGIFStars: Hi there from all 3 of us!

 ABC Wendy: Kaoscharm wants to know:
 Question: If you were stuck on an island what 3 things/people would you

 Melissa: My whole family, all the pizza in the world and my walkman (with
Smashing Pumpkins and Spice Girls CD)!
 Nate: drums, guitar, and a real big gas grill!
 Lindsay: Pen and a pad of paper, my bathing suit, and my battery powered fan

 ABC Wendy: Polo1583 asks: Do you have a girlfriend Nate and if not can I be

 TGIFStars: Yes I do! And she's sitting right next to me!

 ABC Wendy: JulietSwt wonders:  Do you guys ever pull pranks on eachother?

 TGIFStars: Yes. We'll say things that other actors aren't expecting. We try
to break each other when we're doing scenes!

 ABC Wendy: NDirish19 wants to know:  Will you marry me Milissa?

 TGIFStars: I'm taken, sorry!

 ABC Wendy: Meth513 asks:
 Question: Melissa,If you really had magic..whats the first thing you would

 TGIFStars: Use it to travel so I wouldn't have to take planes trains or

 ABC Wendy: TwistRock is wondering:  where are the stars tonite?

 TGIFStars: The sky?

 ABC Wendy: wetieCo9 wonders: What is the best part of ending a season?

 TGIFStars: Vacation! Sleeping in! And going to Rome to shoot Sabrina the

 ABC Wendy: I Kellie wonders: What was the hardest thing that you ever had to
accomplish in life?

 TGIFStars: Nate: High school!
 TGIFStars: Melissa: Family vacation
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: answering these questions! Trying to figure out a

 ABC Wendy: AshaMarti asks:
 Question: Melissa, who do you think Sabrina should date? Harvey or Dash? I
hope Dash.

 TGIFStars: I hope she can have a relationship with both. I think she's too
young to make a decision and she should play the  field...HA HA! ;)

 ABC Wendy: Starpup12 has this to say:
 Question: Hi Nate,Melissa, and Lindsay...I was just wondering do u ever get
tired of acting?

 TGIFStars: Nate and Linday love it! Melissa: there are long hours and a
grueling schedule make  me look forward to the weekend...not unlike a regular
work schedule!

 ABC Wendy: Tiycloud has a strange one (for tonight's subject matter, at
 Question: Do you think that Shakespheare was a real person?

 TGIFStars: That's what the books say!

 ABC Wendy: Flying510 has a one upon which the balance of the universe
 Question: DO YOU LIKE SPAM?

 TGIFStars: Melissa & Lindsay: Never had it
 TGIFStars: Nate: love the jelly on top!
 TGIFStars: He always talk about it!

 ABC Wendy: Parikh Zo wants to know: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK?

 TGIFStars: Melissa: Catcher in the Rye
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: Are you there God It's Me Margaret?
 TGIFStars: Nate: Lord of the Rings by Tolkein!

 ABC Wendy: CIREL M wants to know:
 Question: Ok... to all the TGIF stars: Who reads astrology in all of you??
Who's an Aquarius??

 TGIFStars: We all read it in the magazine. Nate doesn't though! He's not into
that kind of thing.

 ABC Wendy: Robin 897 wonders:
 Question: Hi! I'm your biggest fan! Do you all do a lot of stuff together
 Question: off-stage?

 TGIFStars: Obiously!  We're together right now! We hang out all the time. And
it's by choice!

 Question: Do you eat duck meat?

 TGIFStars: No, no, no.

 ABC Wendy: Sibrus1 has another food-related question...cheese.

 TGIFStars: Melissa: chocolate It has to be real CHOCOLATE!
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: Vanilla with chocolate sauce.
 TGIFStars: Nate: cream is good! Any time of day! Mootsarella!

 ABC Wendy: HolliBonk asks:  What's your fave band?

 TGIFStars: Melissa: Smashing Pumpkins
 TGIFStars: Nate: Led Zep
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: Steve Miller Band!  Dave Matthews Band, Anything with the
word band!

 ABC Wendy: Lou000 wonders: Who are the actors/actresses you admire the most?

 TGIFStars: Melissa: Shirley Temple and Sigourney Weaver
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: Lucille Ball and Julia Louise Dreyfus ....Anyone that
make me laugh!
 TGIFStars: Nate: Robin Williams

 ABC Wendy: RGilst12 has just got to know:  Whats your favorite weather?

 TGIFStars: Spring time. Not too hot or too cold., Flowers blooming!
 TGIFStars: Nate: I like the summer. I can do without the cold.

 ABC Wendy: SHUGER818 wants to know:  NATE, CAN I KEEP YOU?

 TGIFStars: Go buy my doll!

 ABC Wendy: Bbird1998 asks: If you could change anything about the show, what
would it be?

 TGIFStars: Lindsay: Harvey would date Valerie!
 TGIFStars: Melissa: I would have Sabrina be a little smarter with her magic
and not have to hide it so much.
 TGIFStars: I would have the Taco Bell dog dating Salem!

 ABC Wendy: KukuiNutt wants to know: What do you think about being idolized?

 TGIFStars: We are??

 ABC Wendy: JennaNPac wants to know:
 Question: If you could not be in the entertainment business, what would you
 Question: to do?

 TGIFStars: Melissa: dance ballet!
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: I don;t know this is my only skill!
 TGIFStars: Nate: a sidekick......a carpenter!

 ABC Wendy: Titani272 asks: how old is harvey...and what animal would he be?

 TGIFStars: Harvey is 17.  He's be a St. Bernard

 ABC Wendy: They drool too much! ;)

 TGIFStars: So does Harvey!

 ABC Wendy: LOL

 ABC Wendy: Steve5371 wants to know
 Question: what color best describes you?

 TGIFStars: Melissa: I'm cranbury
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: Maize yellow--it's the least used color in the crayon box
 TGIFStars: Nate just walked away, but he's beige, because he's mellow!


 TGIFStars: Lindsay: Travel and sleep
 TGIFStars: Melissa: I plan to go to Rome, to film Sabrina the Movie and I'm
going to do an independent film called Running with Scissors!
 TGIFStars: Nate: sleep and build a dining room table!

 ABC Wendy: I The Sta wants to know: what are you 3 fav. items you own?

 TGIFStars: Melissa: signed Shriley Temple book, my orginal Audrey Hepburn
Sabrina poster and my original Picasso.
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: all my pictures of family and friends, my favorite
flannel pj's and my blankie
 TGIFStars: Melissa: also my teddy bear Marcellus
 TGIFStars: Nate: by baby toothbrush, drums, and my hammer!

 ABC Wendy: BaDGirlZ9 has this one...
 Question: this question goes to Nate.... I want to know, if you would feel
 Question: rejected by "Sabrina" if she chose  the other one?

 TGIFStars: Na.

 ABC Wendy: LuvHurtz7 asks: What advice would you like to bestow upon the
youth of America?

 TGIFStars: Be yorself, stay in school, say no to drugs, don't and drive, and
never eat a whole a pint of ice cream at once. Don't swim until 30 minutes
after a meal

 ABC Wendy: Mr BwnEyz asks the MOST IMPORTANT question of all...
 Question: Who is ABC Wendy?

 TGIFStars: The greatest online hostess of all time!

 ABC Wendy: you're too kind:)
 ABC Wendy: and great liars!

 ABC Wendy: Malice898 asks:
 Question: Mellisa, i loved your TV movie are there any more planed in the
future.  You a great leader on the boat.

 TGIFStars: thanks!  We're doing Sabrina in Rome.  Look for Can't Hardly Wait
coming to theaters in June.

 ABC Wendy: WUBERT asks another question of earth-shattering importance...
 ABC Wendy: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

 TGIFStars: Lindsay 273
 TGIFStars: Nate: 2
 TGIFStars: He's a biter!
 TGIFStars: Melissa: 18 my lucky number!

 ABC Wendy: Mandikin has the honor of our last question for the evening...
 Question: what do u hate about your job what do u love about your job

 TGIFStars: Melissa: hate the hours, love the people especially the make up
 TGIFStars: Lindsay: hate the early morning calls, love that I get to act!
 TGIFStars: Nate: hate being inside all day, love film days and hanging out
with the crew.

 ABC Wendy: Thanks Melissa, Nate, & Lindsay, what a great chat!

 TGIFStars: Film days are not rehearsal days!

 ABC Wendy: Kidzine Kidz are the best!!! We broke AOL's all-time
 ABC Wendy: record for the number of people in a live chat tonite!!!
 ABC Wendy: Thanks for coming! You were all eeexcellent!!!

 TGIFStars: Bye. Thank.Keep watching.  See you next you next season

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