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ABC Wendy: Welcome to the TGIF LIVE chat with MELISSA JOAN HART from SABRINA:THE TEENAGE WITCH!!! Ask Melissa Anything you want 'cause she's here to talk to you! And BTW, HAPPY B-DAY MELISSA!!!
Hi everybody. Welcome to the chat room!

ABC Wendy: First question...
What other things besides acting do you like to do?
I enjoy snowboarding, reading, and now that I have a new house furniture shopping and taking care of it!

ABC Wendy: I just broke my thumb trying to snowboard, but besides that...sounds cool:-)
TrixieK1 wants to know:
Is Salem a machine, a puppet, or what?
There are 4 live cats, 2 animitronic cats, and 2 stuffed cats!

ABC Wendy: Shlandana asks:
How was working with Backstreet Boys?
It was great. They weren't there very long It was Nick's birthday and we gave him a cake.

ABC Wendy: *LindAChas wonders:
Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes. I've been with him 3 years, one month and 2 days and he's sitting right here. His name is James and we're always in People Magazine together, always feeding each other! We met when I did an episode of "Touched By an Angel" when I was in Utah and a mutual friend introduced us.

ABC Wendy: David0122 wants to know:
Melissa, how old are you?
I'll be 22 tomorrow!!

ABC Wendy: Congrats!:-) UncleGore3 asks
Where do you go to school?
New York University. I have no declared major but I'll probably study art and literature.

ABC Wendy: CherShar wants to know:
Do you like to play people that are younger then you??
No, there are just more interesting roles for teenagers than for people in their early twenties. and I look young, no one would believe that I'm 22!

ABC Wendy: Halo423 asks a very "ABCWendy" question...
Melissa - If you could pick one piece of food that described yourself, what would it be and why?
Pizza! Because it's a combo of the dough the sauce the cheese!

ABC Wendy: JFKAMOM wonders:
Melissa, who is your favorite singer?
I like the Smashing Pumkins! The Allman Brothers. I like a lot of different kinds of music!

ABC Wendy: Dreamerjm wants to know:
Who is the most inspiring person in your life that helped you in your career as an actress?
My mom has been a big part of my career, but my life long is Shirley Temple who'll I'll be in two weeks to possibly do a movie about her life!

ABC Wendy: *Daisie101 asks:
Have you ever won an award for anything and do you have any siblings?
I have 7 siblings and I've won 3 Kids Choice Awards, 5 Youth in Film Awards, and a CI TV Award in England. And I've been nominated for an Emmy and a Cable Ace Award!

ABC Wendy: *Jasmine75 asks:
Do you plan to make any movies in the near future?
I have a movie coming out in June called "Can't Hardly Wait" with Jennifer Love Hewitt - my part is small. I hope to do more in the future but nothing's confirmed yet!

ABC Wendy: Juliet364 wonders:
Who would you want to meet if you had a choice?
Shirley Temple!!!!

ABC Wendy: Wolfmom3 just HAS to know:
Are you really a witch?
No!!! I'm just a normal 21 and 364 day year old person!

ABC Wendy: *DSmith189 wonders:
Do you miss "Clarissa Explains It All"?
No. The show was fun but it was shot in Orlando FLA, away from my friends and family. I'd much rather be doing what I'm doing now!

ABC Wendy: *Zeroeffek asks:
So what do you do James?
I'm an actor and an awesome skiier!

ABC Wendy: SBo17626 wants to know:
How did you get your start?
When I was 4 I did a commercial. I started on auditions. It just took off from there.

ABC Wendy: MRocket14 wants to know:
How is working with the character, Harvey?
We're good friends and I'm best friends with his girlfriend Lindsay Sloane, who plays Valerie on SABRINA! She'll be chatting her next Friday! here not her!

ABC Wendy: Dino421869:
What is your favorite sport?
Snowboarding and skiing, but I love to watch basketball. I go to as many games as possible. My favorite is the Knicks! I met Coby Brian recently at a game. That was a big thrill. He sent someone over to ask me to a party. My boyfriend was more exicted than I was!

ABC Wendy: Tcrusecox has this to say:
Happy Birthday!!! What kind of car do you drive?
Because I live of 2 coasts, I have a few cars: I have a 1983 CJ-7 Jeep, but it doesn't work so I have a Toyota Celica in NY. Out in LA I lease a BMW!

ABC Wendy: Puffdagrl2 wonders:
Do you get to keep your clothes from Sabrina?
Yes. I take them home and borrow them and return them...sometimes! I like to keep the casual clothes, TV shirts - there's a brand Hard-Tail who make shirts and comfortable pants!

ABC Wendy: SILVER112 wonders:
Melissa: are you the oldest?
Yes, the oldest of 8. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters then I have 2 half sisters with my mom and 1 half sister with my Dad!

ABC Wendy: Wildwilly:
What is one thing that no one knows about you, but you wish they did?
Hard! I have a belly ring and 8 pierces in my ears. It hurt but I didn't mind!

ABC Wendy: BillyFros wonders:
Do you have an annoying brother?
I do! No, he's not annoying. He thinks he's tough but I can kick his butt!

ABC Wendy: Elmo asks:
Do you believe in witches and witch craft?
Sure. I haven't actually met a witch, or I didn't realize it if I did, but I believe!

ABC Wendy: FGG6:
what's your favorite food?
Pizza! With black olives! Unless it's NY pizza then I like it plain! My favorite pizza place is Rays original on 11th and 6th Ave in NYC!

ABC Wendy: Mesy Jesy wonders:
When you were little was it noisey in your house?
It's still noisy in my house!

ABC Wendy: Glitter33 wants to know:
Do U have any pets??
Yes. I have a dalmation. I saved her from the pound about 2 months ago, and she had 8 puppies a month later! My boyfriend has a dog, a red husky!

ABC Wendy: *Ksg4077 wonders:
Why do they dress Hilda in such funky clothes? Are they her choice?
They're starting to make her even funkier! Because we're witches and we shouldn't all look like business women!

ABC Wendy: LuvPeace0 has a good one...
In real life are you more like Clarissa or Sabrina?
Probably more like Clarissa because she's more secure while Sabrina is kind of wishy-washy.

ABC Wendy: *Nicole242 wants to know:
What are your future and long term goals?
I try not to think too far ahead, but I'd like to do movies, and have a family and not have to work so much.

ABC Wendy: Mxyz wonders:
If you were given a chance to live forever, would you live forever?
No, because that would be boring and redundant!

ABC Wendy: Tatum434 (and a bunch of other people) want to know:
Do you like Leonardo DiCaprio? Have you met him?
Yes I've met him and I do admire his work, but I don't know him that well.

ABC Wendy: Bernadem asks:
What kind of books do you enjoy reading???
I like all kinds of books. I read a lot for school. Other than that I don't have much time. Right now I'm reading books that have to do with popular culture! My two favorites of all time are Catcher in the Rye and Bastard out of Carolina!

ABC Wendy: And for our last question of the day...NOOPY84 is dying to know:
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Defintely plain chocolate! Best is with chocolate syrup - not hot hot fudge!

ABC Wendy:
Thanks Melissa and have a great birthday! What a great chat! And thanks to everyone for coming! You were eeexcellent!!! Be sure to catch the next TGIF chat with LINDSAY SLOANE, who plays Valerie on SABRINA!! It all happens on April 24th at 5:00 pm ET!! And there are more TGIF Star chats on the way!!! So keep checking keyword TGIF or the ABC Kidzine Live Chat Schedule to see who'll be next!!! Have a great weekend!

Thanks everyone and thanks for all the birthday wishes! Have a nice day! Don't forget to watch SABRINA!

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