Melissas Chat bei AOL am 24.06.1999

Hier der Mitschnitt des Chats bei AOL, angefertigt von Marc Brechbühl:

AOLiveMC4:	Welcome to AOL Live Melissa Joan Hart! Thank you for being here tonight!
MHartLIVE:	Thank you for having me!
AOLiveMC4:	w=stat
AOLiveMC4:	Are you ready to answer some questions?
MHartLIVE:	Absolutely!
AOLiveMC4:	Great! Let's get started!
Question:	Hi I love your show....What are some of the things that will be
Question:	happening in the next season? Thanks Tracie
MHartLIVE:	We're gonna bring in some new cast members.
Question:	do u plan to make any movies?
MHartLIVE:	I have a movie coming out October 1 called "Next to You."
Question:	The movie your in  Next to you what is it  about?
MHartLIVE:	It's about a boy and girl who live next door
MHartLIVE:	to each other and don't get along,
MHartLIVE:	but decide to date to make
MHartLIVE:	other people jealous.
MHartLIVE:	It's kind of like "Can't Buy Me Love."
Question:	Hey, Melissa.. how'd you get picked to be a cover girl?  How many photos
Question:	did they take of you before they chose one?
MHartLIVE:	me many reasons why they chose me
MHartLIVE:	to be the cover girl, and they
MHartLIVE:	took pictures for about two days.
MHartLIVE:	For the whole article.
Question:	On Sabrina you have sung. Would you ever consider releasing a record?
MHartLIVE:	:::laughs::: That's not in my near future. :-)
MHartLIVE:	I'm too embarrassed to sing.
Question:	Melissa if u had a choice which show would u rather be in Sabrina the
Question:	Teenage Witch or Clarissa explains it all???
MHartLIVE:	Well, I got to be in both, so I don't have to choose.
Question:	How is it to be pampered as a Cover the looked great!
MHartLIVE:	Thank you.
MHartLIVE:	It's very flattering.
MHartLIVE:	But it's also a lot of work.
MHartLIVE:	I guess I mean to say, I don't feel
MHartLIVE:	very comfortable at photo shoots.
Question:	Hey Mellisa, This is Aimee. I just wanted to know if you were really a
Question:	witch what would you do first??
MHartLIVE:	Well, if I had magic, I would
MHartLIVE:	use it to travel without transportation.
MHartLIVE:	The first place I'd probably go
MHartLIVE:	is Rio de Janiero.
Question:	What are your plans after your hit show Sabrina?
MHartLIVE:	I'd like to go back to New York
MHartLIVE:	and finish college.
MHartLIVE:	Maybe do a Broadway play.
MHartLIVE:	And see what happens after that.
Question:	Whats it like to be a MAJOR teen role model?
MHartLIVE:	It's flattering. It's a little stressful too,
MHartLIVE:	but it comes with the job.
AOLiveMC4:	Melissa, alot of our members would like to know if you have a Website : )
MHartLIVE:	Um... I'm not sure about that!
MHartLIVE:	I know there's quite a bit on me on the Internet,
MHartLIVE:	I'm not sure how to find it.
Question:	Melissa,How is your Sabrina charectar dif. from Clarissa
MHartLIVE:	Sabrina's not as confident,
MHartLIVE:	and she's also a bit more naive.
Question:	OVERCOME?
MHartLIVE:	That's tough...
MHartLIVE:	I guess trying to keep my sanity :::laughs:::
MHartLIVE:	and stay in this business,
MHartLIVE:	and make sure that what's important to me
MHartLIVE:	stays in perspective.
Question:	How long have you been acting?  How do you feel about prtraying someone
Question:	younger than you?
MHartLIVE:	I've been acting for 19 years.
MHartLIVE:	And I look young, so I wouldn't expect
MHartLIVE:	to play anyone older.
MHartLIVE:	Plus, there's not many roles out there
MHartLIVE:	for 23 year olds, but there's a whole
MHartLIVE:	bunch of roles for teenagers.
Question:	Hey Melissa! I saw you on The View and I was wondering if you get
Question:	nervous before you go on talk shows like that.
MHartLIVE:	I got a little nervous,
MHartLIVE:	but I was really tired from jet lag! :::laughs:::
MHartLIVE:	And those girls made it easy.
Question:	I love your show and think you're really funny ~ how do you remember all
Question:	your lines
MHartLIVE:	Well, after being on "Clarissa,"
MHartLIVE:	where I had two two-page monologues
MHartLIVE:	in each show, it's easy to do it
MHartLIVE:	on "Sabrina" 'cause the scenes are shorter.
Question:	what advice would u give a young pre-teen who wants to become a actress?
MHartLIVE:	some drama classes or dance classes.
MHartLIVE:	And wait until you're older.
Question:	Are you laughing alot on the set?
MHartLIVE:	Yes! We have a great time!
MHartLIVE:	the whole crew is a lot of fun.
Question:	Are your plans more on TV or Movies for the future?
MHartLIVE:	After "Sabrina," I'd like to try to
MHartLIVE:	concentrate on film.
Question:	Is it hard acting with the robotic cat?
MHartLIVE:	No, it's easy -- he never talks back.
Question:	I have a question: I am now 'officialy' a teen and I have a question,
Question:	was growing up for you any different for you being popular than normal, by the
Question:	way I love your show!
MHartLIVE:	When I was 14 I left my junior
MHartLIVE:	high school to shoot "Clarissa"
MHartLIVE:	and I got tutored after that, but
MHartLIVE:	up until then, I got teased and
MHartLIVE:	pushed around as much as anyone else.
Question:	Melissa, do you ever go ONLINE?
MHartLIVE:	Yeah, usually when I'm out of state,
MHartLIVE:	I'll talk to my friends, keep in touch
MHartLIVE:	that way.
Question:	Who has influenced you to get into acting?
MHartLIVE:	My mother is basically responsible,
MHartLIVE:	but when I got older, it was my determination.
Question:	hi melissa! i love your show! in the episode when N*SYNC was there, what
Question:	did they say to you?
MHartLIVE:	They're friends of mine -- I went to
MHartLIVE:	high school -- sorry, I got tutored -- with JC and Joey,
MHartLIVE:	and hadn't seen them in years, so we
MHartLIVE:	caught up.
Question:	Are you friends with your cast members off the set?
MHartLIVE:	Yup, absolutely.
MHartLIVE:	The girl who plays Valerie is my best friend.
Question:	How do you do the magic in the show?
MHartLIVE:	It depends -- some of it's computer effects,
MHartLIVE:	some of it's special effects, and some of it's
MHartLIVE:	trick photography.
Question:	What do you think of the Columbine School Shooting?
MHartLIVE:	I think it's a terrible tragedy.
MHartLIVE:	And it's too bad the kids killed themselves,
MHartLIVE:	'cause they should be in jail.
MHartLIVE:	They took the easy way out.
MHartLIVE:	One week. Two days of rehearsal,
MHartLIVE:	and three days of shooting.
Question:	Do you have a cartoon series in the works
MHartLIVE:	Yeah, it should be released in September,
MHartLIVE:	with my little sister Emily.
MHartLIVE:	I play the two aunts.
Question:	Do you play any instruments?
MHartLIVE:	I used to play the flute in high school,
MHartLIVE:	and I've tried to play guitar, but I'm not
MHartLIVE:	very good -- I didn't have the patience.
Question:	What made you audition for the part of Sabrina?
MHartLIVE:	I didn't audition -- my mother and I
MHartLIVE:	produced the show.
MHartLIVE:	So we sold it to ABC.
Question:	When your mother got the rights to the Sabrina character, did you have
Question:	input on developing the series with her and Nell Scovell, in the transition
Question:	from comic book to TV movie to TV series?
MHartLIVE:	A little bit. I left it up to the professionals, though.
Question:	Hauoli12: What is in the new Cosmogirl magazine and what age group is
Question:	it for?
MHartLIVE:	It's for teenagers, like 12 to 18,
MHartLIVE:	and it's a smart magazine geared towards
MHartLIVE:	girls, trying to be a big sister to them,
MHartLIVE:	help them make the right decisions
MHartLIVE:	and give them the information they
MHartLIVE:	need as teenagers.
Question:	Do you like all the attension that fans give you or would you like to be
Question:	a normal person and still act?
MHartLIVE:	That's a tough question.
MHartLIVE:	It depends -- sometimes half and half,
MHartLIVE:	I would say. Sometimes you want to be
MHartLIVE:	anonymous, and sometimes it's nice to have
MHartLIVE:	your work recognized.
Question:	how many brothers and sisters do you have
MHartLIVE:	I have one brother and six sisters.
Question:	what was your first tv performance?
MHartLIVE:	First TV performance... um, I did a commercial
MHartLIVE:	when I was 4 years old for a bathtub doll
MHartLIVE:	called Splashy.
Question:	Umm who is you inspiration as an actor
MHartLIVE:	Shirley Temple and Audrey Hepburn.
Question:	Did you enjoy working with Nickelodeon?
MHartLIVE:	Yeah, they were great! They were like
MHartLIVE:	family to me.
Question:	in your career who was the best person you ever had to work with?
MHartLIVE:	Um... Stephen Collins from "Seventh Heaven."
MHartLIVE:	We shot a scene in a hot air balloon
MHartLIVE:	for my new movie and had just the greatest
MHartLIVE:	talks and had a lot of fun, even though
MHartLIVE:	it was 4 in the morning up in a hot air balloon.
MHartLIVE:	And I also have a great time working
MHartLIVE:	with my friend Tara, who's in the Sabrina
MHartLIVE:	movies with me.
AOLiveMC4:	We only have time for one last question
Question:	What are your plans for year 2000?
MHartLIVE:	I might go be with my family in New York.
MHartLIVE:	That's about it right now.
AOLiveMC4:	Thank you so much for being here and answering the questions!
MHartLIVE:	Thank you for having me! I hope everyone
MHartLIVE:	will go check out the new CosmoGIRL!
AOLiveMC4:	And Thank you to the audience for having such great questions!
AOLiveMC4:	Good Night!
OnlineHost:	³MHartLIVE² hat den Raum verlassen.

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