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[Melissa Joan Hart] Welcome MELISSA JOAN HART! We've got so many questions--so lets get started!

Bridgette asks
Do you have any beauty tips for us?

Melissa says:
I believe in never blow-drying your hair, and I don't like to use mascara. I think mascara ruins eyelashes. Those are my two beauty tips.

Ernie says:
Did you have acne as a kid? You have such great skin! What do you use?

Melissa says:
No, I didn't have acne, but these days from stress and wearing a lot of makeup on the show, my skin is worse. I get facials once a year, and I take good care of my skin. I clean it twice a day and I keep it moisturized.

Andy asks:
Do you mind me asking how old you are? Do you really have a black cat?

Melissa says:
I'm 21, and I don't have a black cat. I just got a Dalmatian last week.

Erin asks:
Hi Melissa I am your number one fan! Where can we write to you and get more info on you?

Melissa says:
I don't know of an e-mail address, but you could type in my name and there are a few website with good info. You can also go to the ABC site.

Ronny asks:
What was your audition like for "Sabrina"?

Melissa says:
Well believe it for not I didn't audition. My mother and I put together the show as producers, so I didn't have to audition. I just came up with a part for myself. It's easier that way!

[Melissa Joan Hart] Jon asks:
Melissa I am a huge fan of the show. Welcome online. What was like having the "Backstreet Boys" on the show? That was my favorite episode.

Melissa says:
It was Nick's 18th birthday. We had a cake for him. It was great. I got to meet them all. They seemed very sweet, and they're very talented.

Vicaro asks:
Have you ever been to Germany? Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Melissa says:
I have not been to Germany, but I love to go back to New York. Florence, Italy is my favorite European city.

Dennis asks:
I would imagine that it would be difficult being famous. All the attention and stuff. Do you like it?

Melissa says:
Well, I don't often go to public places, but when I do, I do get recognized. Sometimes I deny being Sabrina, but if there aren't too many people around, I'll sign autographs or take pictures. When there are too many people around, that's when I usually deny being Sabrina, because I don't want to be mobbed. Like if it's Disney World, or if my brothers and sisters are around and we're having a family dinner, something like that, it would be too disruptive.

Sara asks:
Hi Melissa! You are my favorite female star. I watch your show every week. What was your favorite episode? Mine was the "Battle of the Bands" episode.

Melissa says:
My favorite so far has been probably "The Equalizer", which is the Sleeping Beauty episode, which was on recently.

Lisa asks:
Hi from Australia. I bet you have a lot of fun on the set. But have there ever been any embarrassing moments on the set?

Melissa says:
Yes, once we were doing an episode about the '60s, and I had to wear platform shoes, and I fell off them, right on my butt! Luckily, it was a rehearsal and we weren't shooting at the time.

Sandy asks:
I thing Sabrina would be a cool show to work on. What do you like best about working on "Sabrina"?

Melissa says:
All the people on the cast and crew. We have a great time together. We're like a little girl scout troop! Some of us work out together, and we go to yoga. We went on a ski trip recently, and we go bowling Friday nights.

Danny asks:
Do you hang out with mostly celebrity friends?

Melissa says
It's half and half. A lot of my friends work on the show. But a lot of my older friends from when I was little are not actors.

Andy asks:
I love music. And I was just wondering who your favorite band is?

Melissa says:
I would have to say "Smashing Pumpkins" are my favorite band.

Shortstuff asks:
I read in your bio that you are taking guitar lessons. I play in a punk rock band called Lush and I wondered if you still play guitar?

Melissa says:
I was taking guitar lessons a couple of years ago, but I didn't really keep it up. But when I played, I loved playing the "Allman Brothers" and "Nirvana."

Flimpy asks:
Is your boyfriend on the show Nate your real life boyfriend or just on the show?

Melissa says:
Nate is not my real boyfriend. His girlfriend plays my best friend Valerie on the show.

Derek asks:
If you had powers in real life what would you do with them?

Melissa says:
I think I would want to be able to travel without using airplanes! You could get there a lot faster--without the hassle!

Chris asks:
Would you ever go out with someone you met on the internet?

Melissa says:
No way! I've heard way too many horror stories! I am not on-line too much now. But when I was in school I love to go online. I really don't have time right now.

Danielle asks:
Hi Melissa. This is so cool. This is my first time at a chat. I just got this new computer. My questions is: What kind of thing do you like to do when you aren't taping the show?

Melissa Joan Hart Melissa says:
I enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and hanging out with my siblings and my friends whenever I get a chance. I also attend school at NYU, and I'm currently reading scripts for features.

ET Host says:
What kind of role are you looking for?

Melissa says:
I'd like to play serious roles, more dramatic and edgier, not necessarily comedies.

Oolie asks:
Is it true that you have your belly button pierced?

Melissa says:
Yes, I've had it pierced for three and a half years now!

Oolie asks:
Would ever pierce your nose?

Melissa says:
No, because that would probably ruin my career!

Brende asks
Hi I am 8 years old and a big fan of the show. Do you do any of the writing on the show?

Melissa says:
I don't write episodes, but I do enjoy working on the show. It's half hard work and half fun.

Paul asks:
Where is the show taped?

Melissa says"
"Sabrina" is taped at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

Mary asks:
Are any of your siblings in the business?

Melissa says:
Yes, they all have acted at one point, except the baby. But my sister Emily is working on a pilot for ABC for next fall. She played Amanda on "Sabrina," and this show would
be a spin-off of "Sabrina."

Asslin asks:
Hi Melissa. Do you have boyfriend? If not will you marry me?

Melissa says:
Sorry Asslin, I live with my boyfriend. We've been together almost three years now.

Asslin asks:
Is he an actor too?

Melissa says:
He works on the show, as a stand-in, and he's studying to be an actor.

Nancy asks:
I am 8 years old my favorite food is pizza. What is your favorite food?

Melissa says:
My favorite foods are pizza and chocolate ice cream.

Michelle asks
Hi from Florida. Melissa my favorite actor is Leonardo D. I loved Titanic. Who is your favorite actor?

Melissa says:

I would have to say that Mel Gibson is my favorite actor.

Mike asks:
What film are you rooting for at the Academy Awards?

Melissa says:
I think the only one I've seen so far is 'Titanic,' so I'll have to go with that one.

Rodney asks:
I have been taking acting lessons for about a year now. Before I just had my paper route. At what point did you know that you wanted to be an actress?

Melissa says:
I've been acting since I was four, but I made the choice myself when I was 10 and I started doing theater.

ET Online Host:
Were your parents supportive of your decision?

Melissa says
Well my mom got me into acting, and they were always supportive, but neither of them were actors.

Tammy asks:
Do you have any plans to do any more theater?

Melissa says:
Hopefully in the future, I'd like to do more theater. It takes up a lot of time, and I don't have much time now. But maybe when "Sabrina"'s over.

Franny asks:
Did you have any idea that Sabrina would become such a big show. I mean all my friend watch it and we just love it.

Melissa says:
We knew it would be something fresh and new, but we were really surprised that it was such a big hit.

Howard asks:
What is the biggest change in your life since becoming a movie star?

Melissa Joan Hart Melissa says:
Being non-stop busy is the biggest change, and not being able to go to public places without being recognized.

Randy asks:
I have always wanted to be an actor. What kind of advice can you give me?

Melissa says:
Start with acting lessons, and see if you can get yourself a manager or agent, and they'll put you out on auditions.

Tammy asks:
Which of your two characters are most similar to you, Clarissa or Sabrina?

Melissa says:
I think they're very different. I model Sabrina after my seventeen-year-old sister. I think Clarissa and I had more in common. My sister is just like Sabrina, because they're both moody!

Tammy asks:

Why are you more similar to Clarissa?

Melissa says:
I'm more like Clarissa, because we both have a positive outlook and lots of energy!

Ivan asks:
Who would be your dream co-stars?

Melissa says:
Well, I'm working right now with Donald Faison from "Clueless," and that's one of my dream co-stars. In the movies, it would be Mel Gibson or Sigourney Weaver.

Valer asks:
Is it embarrassing to kiss onscreen? I would be so uncomfortable. Do you practice at all before hand?

Melissa says:
No! I mean yes, it's strange to kiss in front of a lot of people with someone that you don't really kiss all that often. You just go for it and try to make it look real, try to get caught up in the moment if you can.

Greg asks:
Love that show. I watch it all the time with my sister Keri. Are you going to be in any movies coming up?

Melissa says:
I have a TV movie called "Silencing Mary" that will air on NBC Sunday night. It's about college campus rape victims. I play a journalist. My roommate gets raped by a football player, and I try to get the guy convicted. I'm very excited about it!

Amanda asks:
Do you have any pets at home?

Melissa says:
My boyfriend has a Husky. Then there is my new Dalmatian, Pele. Pele is named after the Hawaiian fire goddess.

Melissa says:
Well I am so sorry I have to go. But thanks to everyone for being so wonderful and supportive of me! And keep watching Sabrina!

ET Host says:
Thank you everyone for all the great questions! Tune in March 9th for our next chat. We will be going backstage on the set of "Newsradio." Then on March 10th we go behind the scene for exclusive chat coverage at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

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