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TVGLive3:       Besides the role of "Sabby", she's also the voice of both Zelda and Hilda on the cartoon.
TVGLive3:       Melissa was most recently seen in Drive Me Crazy at the video stores now.
TVGLive3:       Joining us right now is actress Melissa Joan Hart.
TVGLive3:       Thanks for coming to chat tonight.
TVG Melissa:    I'm currently on vacation in Lake Tahoe!  Hi everyone!
Question:       Do you think there's any theater in your future?
TVG Melissa:    I started out in theater and would love to go back but currently don't have the time.
Question:       I loved your character Nicole in Drive Me Crazy. How similar is your personality to hers?
TVG Melissa:    There's alot of Melissa in Nicole.  She was a little more insecure and a little more into being popular.
Question:       Hi, i just wanted to know do you still drive a race car or was that just for that one ocassion?
TVG Melissa:    I'll be driving again on Tuesday and again in the Long Beach celebrity race on April 15th.
Question:       what is your favorite teams in hockey, baseball, football, basketball and soccer?
TVG Melissa:    I love watching NBA games but haven't caught many this season.  The Knicks and Lakers are my teams.
Question:       Do Beth and Caroline treat you like thier REAL neice sometimes?
TVG Melissa:    Yep definitely!  I'm definitely like the little relative.
Question:       do u find it hard to do the voices of both aunts on the cartoon?
Question:       where do u find the time?
TVG Melissa:    We've been done with the animated show for a year. The least year I would go in on a Monday afternoon for about a half hour and that would complete three episodes.
Question:       Do you have an offical site about you that your fans can visit?
TVG Melissa:    Not me personally.  There is one for the show though - try linking through
Question:       Were you a Bewitched fan growing up?
TVG Melissa:    No I hardly ever really saw it.
Question:       Hi Melissa! How was it to work with your sister Emily, in the antimated series?
TVG Melissa:    We don't really work together on the show.  We worked together on the live show Sabrina and have a great time together.
Question:       is it true that in "Clarissa explains it all" "Fergeson" was older than you?
TVG Melissa:    No we were the same age.
Question:       Where is your home town?
TVG Melissa:    I'm originally from Long Island, NY
Question:       Tomarrow is April Fools day do you have any great pranks planned?
Question:       If so will you tell us?
TVG Melissa:    I usually tell my mom I'm getting married but I'll have to come up with a different one this year.
Question:       What kind of music do you listen to?
TVG Melissa:    I listen to everything.  Some rap, some rock, all kinds of things.
Question:       Where do you see yourself professionally 10 years from now?
TVG Melissa:    I try not to think that far ahead.  Hopefully, just happy!
Question:       Did you go to college, or are you thinking about going?-Alex
TVG Melissa:    Yes I've been enrolled at NYU for about 6 years.
Question:       Is there any actort or actress you would like to act with?
TVG Melissa:    Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Sigourney Weaver...
Question:       Is it true you were named after the Allman Brothers song "Sweet Melissa"?
TVG Melissa:    Yep my parents were both big fans of the song and my father can play it on his guitar.
Question:       What inspired you to start acting?
TVG Melissa:    I was 4 years old so watching Sesame Street I guess.
Question:       what is your next movie?
TVG Melissa:    I'm working right now on directing a little bit this summer on the show So Weird. I'm hoping to do some small parts in movies also.  I have some readings with directors.
TVGLive3:       We're live with Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina the Teen Witch. Keep sending your ?s.
Question:       I think you're terrific, and "Sabrina" is my favorite show.  Do you have fun with all the special effects? Loni, age 10 from Las Vegas
TVG Melissa:    Actually they're what make the show harder to do than any other show. It takes alot longer to do the shows and costs a lot more money.
Question:       Do you ever plan to record an album? PLEASE SAY YES!
TVG Melissa:    No, never.
Question:       Melissa, where are you from originally.  Am I right in understanding that one of your parents was actor?
TVG Melissa:    Not at all my mother is an executive producer now but only for the last five years. My younger siblings do act though.
Question:       What was the first show that you ever acted in?
TVG Melissa:    I did a commercial when I was 4 years old for Bathtub Doll.
Question:       Is your sister Star interested in becoming a well know actress like you, or did she have another job in mind?
TVG Melissa:    Emily does act and she right now is in junior high but I think she would like to continue with it
TVG Melissa:    He's a very interesting guy.  He's sweet and very talented and we had a great time together.
Question:       Was it hard going from a children's show to a prime time show?
TVG Melissa:    No.  It seemed like a natural progression.
Question:       whats the cat's name on the show?
TVG Melissa:    Salem
Question:       got any tips i think i have a career in front of me with acting
TVG Melissa:    Go through school,  finish high school,  join the drama club,  dancing and singing always helps.  Get used to going on auditions - it is the roughest part of acting.
Question:       Where can we send you a letter or get an autograph picture?
TVG Melissa:    Go to  There is info there on where to send a letter.
Question:       Do you ever miss being on Clarissa Explains it all and do you still talk to the members of the cast that were on that show?
TVG Melissa:    Yes the woman who did my hair 10 years ago still does. And some of my best friends are from that show.  James Vanderbeek was on the show and Michelle Trachtenberg was also on the show.
Question:       Where is the house used for the exteriors located? And have you ever been there?
TVG Melissa:    They're in Canada.  We shot the original movie up in Canada.  But no, I have not been to that house.
Question:       Do you like cooking>
TVG Melissa:    No, I'm terrible at it! : )  I've just started to learn from my mother.
Question:       Melissa are u friends with Brittany Spears?!
TVG Melissa:    Yes.  She and I have worked together alot.  In the process, I would say we have bonded.
Question:       Do you have any pets? Whta are their names?-Alex
TVG Melissa:    I have 3 dogs - Pele, a dalmation, Haleakala, a dalmation-boxer mix and my boyfriend's dog Bella, a pitbull mix.
Question:       I have your cd rom game. Was that fun to do?Do u play it? Is it wierd to hear yourself on computer?
TVG Melissa:    I've played it a few times.  I'm not really good with computers.  The way we did was similar to  how we do the show where I went into the studio and recorded a soundtrack.
Question:       Is running with scissors or your other film the specials ever coming out?
TVG Melissa:    The Specials is coming out on video soon and Running with Scissors was never made.
Question:       ARe you going to appear on NBC's Just Shoot Me?
TVG Melissa:    Yes, I'm in the season finale playing David Spade's prom date.  I believe it is airing the third week of May.
Question:       What motivates you when you are tired or sick to keep going on with the wonderful work that you do?
TVG Melissa:    The fact that I'm alot to quit!  If its a choice of not shooting and having to come in on a Saturday to do the shoot then I'd rather come in sick. :)
Question:       Do you ever hang out with the other cast members on "Sabrina the teenage witch"? Which ones? Is it hard not to laugh when talking to the Salem mechanical puppet?
TVG Melissa:    No we actually all take Salem quite seriously.  He's an important part of the set.  I hang out with Nate and one of my friends is a grip - we are actually away snowboarding together.  Another of my best friend's is Lindsay Sloane who has also appeared on the show.
Question:       what was it like working with seth green on "cant hardly  wait"?
TVG Melissa:    Seth and I had known each other since we were little. I worked with him a little on the movie and he was really cool.
TVGLive4:       Did you like directing the Sabrina episode earlier this season?
Question:       How do you guys make the cat "salem" on your show (sabrina the teenage witch) talk?
TVG Melissa:    It's a puppet - an animatronic.  three puppeteers  control it.
Question:       what do you do to de-stress...ANDREW, FL
TVG Melissa:    Go away to Tahoe snowboarding!
TVG Melissa:    Spend time with my friends, hang out with my boyfriend...
Question:       What is your favorate movie?
TVG Melissa:    The Princess Bride, Better Off Dead, Braveheart...those would be my top three.
Question:       How did you decide to enter the field of directing on the sho So Weird?
TVG Melissa:    I directed an episode of Sabrina called Superhero  - that was my first time directing. This will be my second time.  Henry Winkler will be producing the show and he's giving me a chance.
Question:       whos your favorate disigner ?
TVG Melissa:    Yes, Eduardo Lucero. He's a small up and coming designer in LA.
Question:       Is it fun to work with your mom, it must get hard sometimes. Chris Young  Ccyoung13 in MD
TVG Melissa:    No its actually wonderful.  She's always there for me. We get into fights sometimes but there's no one better that I know how to handle in a fight than my mother!
Question:       Melissa, have you ever wanted to appear in a dramatic movie?
TVG Melissa:    Yeah maybe, but I really enjoy doing comedy.  I think its a lot harder to make people laugh than cry.
Question:       Have you done any difficult stunts?
TVG Melissa:    We had one wrestling scene not too dangerous.  There was also ahot air balloon scene in Drive Me Crazy but nothing serious
Question:       What kind of car do you drive?
TVG Melissa:    I drive a Toyota Celica.
Question:       Will we ever get to see what Salem looks like as a human?
TVG Melissa:    We've thought about it.  Probably not would be my best guess.  Unless we run out of ideas.
Question:       Which episode is your favorite?
TVG Melissa:    I like a couple of them.  But this season I really like Dream of the Mouse. One of my favorites would have to be where I played a geek through half of the episode.
Question:       Hi Melissa !!!
Question:       Any plans for any more guest appearances by your sister Emily on "Sabrina"? She's really cool too.
TVG Melissa:    She did one this year but I don't know if it aired yet. We'll see what happens with the show.
Question:       at Paramount Studios, when you get a break, do you get to go in other sets and watch behind the scenes 
TVG Melissa:    No I'm too nervous to look at other sets.  I pretty much stick to our stages.
TVGLive3:       Thanks for chatting with us tonight, Melissa.
TVG Melissa:    Goodbye and keep watching!  : )

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