Melissa's Chat bei am 23.12. 1998

Hier der Mitschnitt des Chats bei (von Johannes Fuchs):

     violet says, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Violet, and I'm 19. I'm the teen host of the new
 Teen Center at Make sure to check back to my site every so often for new additions
 and upcoming events, plus I'm always here to answer your questions. There is even a place in the Teen
 Center for teen girls to enter to win a $1000 shopping spree, as well as give your advice to one of my
 many dilemmas (which change every few weeks or so)! So, make sure you bookmark"
     violet says, "While we wait for the chat to start, which will be at 8:30 p.m. (ET), check out the new
 Teen Center at There will be lots of things to do and places to send me E-mail (I
 looovve to get E-mail, don't you?). And, I'll e-mail back!"
     violet says, "I am totally excited to chat with Melissa, myself. I see that we have teens joining us
 from around the world. As far from Germany!"
     violet says, "Melissa really has worldwide fans!!"
     violet says, "13 minutes to Melissa...."
     violet says, "How do you all like my new site?"
     violet says, "I'm pretty proud of it. I hope to hear from you all soon"
     violet says, "In case you miss any of the chat, we'll have a transcript available soon at"
     violet says, "Anyway, let's talk about the chat. I can only accept one question per person, so that
 everyone gets a chance. So, make your question count!"
     violet says, "When you type in your questions, please start with your question and end it with your
 first name or initials, as well as the city you live in. This way you'll know Melissa is getting your question!"
     violet says, "9 minutes to Melissa...."
     violet says, "Got your thinking caps on?"
     violet says, "Sounded like a geek, huh..."
     violet says, "Anyway, thanks for joining us. We'll be starting the chat in 8 minutes and counting."
     violet says, "I really want to thank Melissa for taking out time from her busy schedule and holiday
 chaos to chat with us"
     violet says, "It must be so cool to be famous, have your own show with so many fans"
     violet says, "It's probably exhausting though...and you never get much privacy."
     violet says, "I guess we can ask her about that when she logs on"
     violet says, "I saw her picture in this january's issue of Teen Magazine"
     violet says, "6 minutes 'til Melissa"
     violet says, "Hi German MJH Fan Club!!!"
     violet says, "4 minutes...."
     violet says, "get your questions ready. Melissa is probably warming up her fingers right now."
     violet says, "Anyway, I am going to be introducing Melissa momentarily..."
     violet says, "I know you are tired of hearing me talking....but, I hope you'll come back to my site
 and give me some feedback."

 Glad you could make the event.
 Exits: spotlight
     violet says, "Let me introduce to you, the one, the only, MELISSA JOAN HART!"
     violet says, "Melissa, are you out there?"
     violet says, "We have lots of questions waiting for you."
     violet says, "Sorry, folks, Melissa had to reload."
     violet says, "Anyway...."
     violet says, "she'll be here in a few. until then, sit back and relax."
     violet says, "If I don't get a chance again to chat with you tonight (no applauding please), I hope
 everyone has a great holiday!"
     violet says, "Luckily, all my shopping is done and the gifts are wrapped. I wonder what's on
 Melissa's holiday wish list!"
     violet says, "Hey, make sure one of you asks that question."
     melissa says, "hey everybody"
     melissa says, "i'm here"
     violet says, "hey melissa. Is all okay at your end now>"
     melissa says, "seems fine here"
     violet says, "We have lots of people waiting to chat with you."
     melissa says, "lets start then"
     violet says, "Let's get to it."
     melissa says, "cool"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from megn404:
 So Melissa, what do you want for christmas this year?
     melissa says, "I really want my jeep in NY sent out here to me in LA"
     violet says, "remember, get your one minute of fame. Put your first name and city at the end of the
     melissa says, "I need to fix it up so I can use it"
     violet says, "Yeah, I heard San Francisco got some snow the other day. you might need the 4-wheel
 drive in California!"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from BRITWEETY:
 Do you enjoy acting???
     melissa says, "not anytime soon"
     melissa says, "Yes I have fun acting"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from BeePerky:
 Hi Melissa! If you weren't an actress, what would you be and why? --Lindsay :o), Liberty, Ohio
     melissa says, "it brings me to great cities , and introduces me to cool people"
     violet says, "Who is the coolest person you ever met?"
     melissa says, "I would have loved to have been a ballerina Lindsay, thands for asking"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Katie:
 What the best part being on the T.V. show?
     melissa says, "I recently met the NSYNC boys, they were really sweet"
     violet says, "are they totally cute, or what?"
     melissa says, "I like doing tv, Katie, because it allows me to get my friends on the show"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Dragoness:
 What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to get in to acting?? danielle- Australia
     melissa says, "and i get to meet cool people like coolio, blondie, Steve saks"
     melissa says, "Well Dragoness, I would say finish school first"
     violet says, "Hi danielle, I see we have the time difference worked out! Must be early down under!"
     melissa says, "but in the mean time it doesnt hurt to take some acting or dance lessons"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Emily24:
 What it is like on the set of Sabrina? Chloe, Los Angeles
     melissa says, "Everybody is unbelievably friendly, its like a group of best friends"
     violet says, "You must work totally long hours?"
     melissa says, "20 of us are going away on a ski trip for New Years"
     melissa says, "If we are shooting it can be up to 16 hours a day."
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Cindy4815:
 Is it fun being "Sabrina" having magical powers?
     melissa says, "Mondays and Tuesdays we rehearse for 6-8 hours"
     violet says, "If you had your magical powers in the real world, what would you do with them?"
     melissa says, "we shoot wed,thurs, and friday"
     melissa says, "The magic is the hard part of shooting the show"
     melissa says, "The effects take a long time"
     melissa says, "If I had real powers I would use them to travel at the snap of a finger"
     melissa says, "I hate to fly or drive"
     violet says, "Flying is the worst...."
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Nate:
 Melissa, Are you planning to do any movies in the near future? Nathan Tallman, NUnda New York
     melissa says, "I just finished my first big film that will be out"
     violet says, "Tell us about it...who's in it with you?"
     melissa says, "next summer called NEXT TO YOU"
     violet says, "Any cute leading men??????"
     melissa says, "quite a few"
     melissa says, "you may not know of any of them now but by then you will"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Angela:
 who is you role model and why? ac minocqua, wiscnsin
     melissa says, "My MOM and Shirley Temple"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from catcheeze:
 whats your fav store and why? catcheeze ma.
     melissa says, "because they are both strong, independent good hearted people"
     melissa says, "I like the pottery barn"
     melissa says, "because i just bought a house and now i am trying to furnish it"
     violet says, "I love the Pottery Barn - I think I'm there best customer. Great candles..."
     melissa says, "but for clothes i like BEBE"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Cokie500:
 What's the funniest thing that's happened on the set of Sabrina? ~Emily, Olive Hill, Ky
     violet says, "something that didn't make it to the screen?"
     melissa says, "I fall a lot, and the cat makes all of us laugh pretty hard"
     melissa says, "At the end of each season we watch a tape of all the bloopers"
     melissa says, "its hysterical"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Angela:
 where is a place you haven't traveled to, but really want to? ac minocqua, wisconsin
     melissa says, "does anyone know the name of my first movie that was released early this year??"
     melissa says, "Angela, i would love to go to Brazil"
     melissa says, "or Alaska"
     melissa says, "or Greece"
     violet says, "too bad you couldn't use your magic to get you to these places!"
     melissa says, "did you see sabrina goes to Rome"
     melissa says, "no kidding violet"
     violet says, "I think you might have stumped us with the movie question. I know you debuted on
 Broadway in The Crucible, though"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Abby:
 What's your favorite 'Sabrina' episode? Abby, Florida
     melissa says, "how did you know that?"
     violet says, "Do get a get a point for that?"
     melissa says, "definelty"
     violet says, "Abby asks about your favorite episode.."
     melissa says, "Abby, my favorite is the one where sabrina gets addicted to pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Randi:
 What is the advice you give most girls about being a teen? Randi,Madison
     melissa says, "It is soooo important to remember t be yourself"
     melissa says, "it seems so easy but is soo hard when you are ateen"
     violet says, "that must be hard when you have the spotlight on you all of the time."
     melissa says, "Its hard not to give in to the "crowd""
     melissa says, "It can be hard but it is part of the job"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Marc:
 a personal question, are you still in relasionship with James xyz (i forgot the full name)? Marc,
     melissa says, "We are taking a break right now"
     melissa says, "but thanks for the concern Marc all the way from Switzerland"
     violet says, "My boyfriend and I are taking a breather too."
     violet says, "Sometimes you just need some space."
     melissa says, "its tough to be in a relationship"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from argelfraster:
 What do you think about the impeachment of Clinton? Hannah, Champaign
     melissa says, "we were together 3and a half years"
     melissa says, "I cant decide Hanna what is best"
     melissa says, "sorry Hannahhhhh"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from spiceboy:
 The film was called : the ?? conections !!
     violet says, "do we have a winner!!!????"
     melissa says, "The right connections was a film me and my family did for showtime last year
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Smile:
 What was the hardest part about being a teen ypurself?
     melissa says, "but it was not released theatrically"
     melissa says, "no winner yet but"
     melissa says, "heres a clue Jen. Love Hewitt was in it too"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from sasha:
 What was your most embarrasing moment? Michalena, San Diego, CA
     melissa says, "Smile, I had a really hard time fitting in with a certain group"
     violet says, "Can't Hardly Wait?"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Wizari:
 If you could change one thing about you, what would it be? Ashlee~ Atlanta, GA
     melissa says, "I had a bunch of different friends but did not have a group of good friends"
     melissa says, "Violet you wn"
     violet says, "YEAH, two points for me!!!"
     melissa says, "it was cant hardly wait"
     violet says, "everytime i try to rent it, it's out."
     melissa says, "I wish i was 4 inches taller"
     violet says, "Janel from Connecticut also guessed correctly. You get a point, too!"
     violet says, "how tall are you?"
     melissa says, "people that meet me for the first time always say I thought you were taller"
     melissa says, "i am 5'2""
     melissa says, "way to go Janel"
     violet says, "Thanks Mark from Switzerland. Go get some rest and have a good day at work."
     violet says, "He stayed up til all hours of the night waiting for the chat with you, Melissa"
     violet says, "you have some great fans"
     melissa says, "work, its almost Christmas"
     melissa says, "???"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from ArtLopez:
 Now that you've released your 1st song, would you ever do a full Album? Art - Fresno, CA.
     melissa says, "that was a fluke"
     violet says, "too bad you can't sing us a few bars...."
     melissa says, "I sang that song for an episode and they released it on the sabrina soundtrack"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Slayer:
 What are you going to do for the Holidays- Carissa
     melissa says, "which is a great gift idea for your younger sibs"
     melissa says, "by the way haha"
     melissa says, "I am going to give LA a shot with my family and have"
     melissa says, "our first christmas here"
     melissa says, "then i am going to ski with a group of friends for the New Year"
     violet says, "are you a good skier?"
     violet says, "or do you prefer to snowboard?"
     melissa says, "I am a really good skier and after 8 years of snowboarding i am finally getting used to
 that to"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from JulieV84:
 Which one did you like doing more: 'Clarissa explains it all' or 'Sabrina the teenage witch'?
     melissa says, "they are the only sports I can play"
     violet says, "Do you have a favorite place to ski?"
     melissa says, "Clarissa was tough because I was going to high school at the same time"
     melissa says, "so now Sabrina is a nice break for me"
     melissa says, "I love the snow in Utah"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Jennifer:
 Hi Melissa! What's your favorite piece of clothing that you own? Jenny, Eugene, OR
     melissa says, "Jenny, I love my jeans and my doc martens"
     violet says, "And now we have question from your Fan Club in Germany!!!"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from AlexWild9:
 What is your favourite kind of musik and your favourite band ? Alexander - Goettingen/Germany
     melissa says, "woo hoo"
     melissa says, "Alexander, I like beastie boys and smashing pumpkins"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from seven:
 I heard on the internet that your are going to make a movie this year called Running With Scissors. Is this
     melissa says, "and nine inch nails"
     violet says, "How about Third Eye Blind?"
     violet says, "Goo Goo Dolls?"
     melissa says, "yes i have been trying to get that movie made but it is not yet paid for so hopefully
 next year, seven"
     melissa says, "I like thesong iris"
     melissa says, "i met goo goo dolls on the tonight show 3 weeks ago when i was on"
     violet says, "so, what's your New Year's resolution?"
     melissa says, "I shot a movie on saturday"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from homieg:
 When you got your belly button pierced were you scared before you got it done?
     melissa says, "called the Specials in which i had a small part as a super hero"
     melissa says, "it was cool"
     melissa says, "My resolution again is to not worry so much about little things"
     melissa says, "it gets better every year"
     melissa says, "homieg, i waited a year to get my piercing because i waas so nervous"
     violet says, "That belly button thing had to hurt!"
     melissa says, "it was a little sore for a week, and took a year to heal"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Kat:
 After the belly button, would you ever consider any other piercings? Kat, Staffordshire, England
     melissa says, "but now after 4 years it is such a part of me"
     melissa says, "I have 8 holes in my ears"
     violet says, "you have more guts than men...."
     violet says, "than me, I mean"
     violet says, "that was a Freudian slip"
     melissa says, "but i waited till i was 18 for the last 4"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Myra:
 I know you have 1 dog Pele How many other pets do you have?
     melissa says, "I now have my moms dog too, which is peles puppy, Haleakala"
     violet says, "the crowd wants to know how old you are?"
     melissa says, "i am 22 and 8months"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from JCKool:
 How long does it take to do a Sabrina show? Shelly,Oklahoma
     melissa says, "one full, long week JC"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from homieg:
 How old were you when you first started acting? HomieG Marmora Ont.
     melissa says, "is that JC for the nsync boys??"
     melissa says, "I was 4"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from JCKool:
 What are your favorite t.v. shows and/or movies?
     violet says, "What is your pick for 1998?"
     melissa says, "I love ER, the princess bride,"
     melissa says, "kingpin"
     melissa says, "little mermaid"
     violet says, "ER is great. Noah Wylie is a cutie"
     melissa says, "yep he is"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Witch14:
 how do u stay so thin?
     melissa says, "I have a little waist but big hips and thighs"
     violet says, "Do you ever get star struck? And when did this last happen to you?"
     melissa says, "so i am not model thin but i do work out a couple times a week"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Jilleanna:
 What is your favorite color?
     melissa says, "i try to eat well during the week but give myself the weekends to eat what i want"
     violet says, "purple is mine, of course."
     melissa says, "I got starstruck with John Travolta my lifelong crush"
     melissa says, "and recently with Jim Carrey"
     melissa says, "but I played it off well"
     violet says, "He seems like such a nice guy - Grease is still one of the best movies of all time."
     melissa says, "my favorite color was purple when i was younger"
     violet says, "Is Jim Carrey as crazy in person as he is in the movies?"
     melissa says, "but now it is cranberry"
     melissa says, "iLOVE GREASE"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Emily24:
 What is it like to have a production company with your mom? Chloe, Los Angeles
     melissa says, "hes really down to earth and sweet"
     melissa says, "We try to put together movies and shows that families can watch together"
     melissa says, "because it is something we both believe in"
     violet says, "Is it hard to work so closely with her. I know my mom and I would probably disagree a
 lot, even though we love eachother"
     melissa says, "if you are going to sit in front of the tube"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Jont:
 You always look great. Would you share your top beauty tip with us? Perky, Stoke-on-Trent, England
     melissa says, "let it be something that you can discuss together"
     melissa says, "i have so many secrets..."
     melissa says, "i would say mosturize"
     violet says, "come on, give it up"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Marla:
 Do you have a best friend? 1971. T.O.
     melissa says, "that is the best advice i can give any girl"
     melissa says, "i HAVE A bunch"
     violet says, "Robin from Spencer NY wants to know, who is your favorite character on the show?"
     melissa says, "They're 5 that work on the show with me, my 2oldest little sisters, and 2 in NY"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from IRCGal:
 Hi Melissa... Today'z my birthday! and i was woundering is being 12 a BAD thing? because people in my
 class say 12 is a bad age for just me :( coz they always pick at me --Shannon... Augusta GA
     melissa says, "me of course "
     melissa says, "no its the cat"
     violet says, "favoritism, huh"
     violet says, "i love the cat too."
     melissa says, "no my little sister is 12 and everyone loves her"
     violet says, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRCGal!!!!"
     violet says, "12 is a hard age, bodies are changing and things like that. But don't worry, it only lasts a
 year - then your an official teen!"
     violet says, "Hi Robin from Spencer!!"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Bek13:
 What is your favorite restaurant?
     violet says, "We are going to be winding down soon, so let's get in your final questions..."
     violet says, "I heard Pinot Bistro is great - in Studio city"
     violet says, "my mom went there"
     violet says, "Melissa, what made you choose to do this chat on, the new Teen
     violet says, "We are so glad you did...."
     melissa says, "Happy Birthday"
     melissa says, "im back"
     melissa says, "sorry about the trouble"
     violet says, "computer glitch, huh"
     melissa says, "yep"
     melissa says, "any more questions"
     melissa says, "??"
     violet says, "I wanted to know what made you choose to be a part of the launch of the new Teen
 Center at"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Wizari:
 What do you like to do when you have spare time? Ashlee~Atlanta, GA
     melissa says, "I thought it would be fun to talk to some people, teens, fans and see whats going on
 inthe world"
     melissa says, "I like to go to the movies"
     melissa says, "go boarding"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from Lilly:
 How would you suggest a girl wanting to start acting start? Emily, Canada
     melissa says, "stay in school and take some acting classes"
     melissa says, "and brush up on some music and dance as well"
 violet_ presents the speaker with a question from sab:
 Have you ever seen an episode of "Sabrina" or "Clarissa" with a foreign dubbing ? ;-) - Sascha,
     melissa says, "not yet sascha but i hope to soon"
     melissa says, "it would be very funny"
     violet says, "Where do you hope to be in five years?"
     melissa says, "I cant even think about tomorrow"
     melissa says, "but i would like to have a career where i could be really picky about my projects and
 work for the love opf it"
     melissa says, "BYE"
     melissa says, "THANKS EVERYONE"
     melissa says, "it was fun"
     melissa says, "see you next time"
     violet says, "I hope all of you who logged on will visit me again and send me an e-mail or two. I look
 forward to all of your feedback and visits to the Teen Center at WWW.VAGISIL.COM"
     violet says, "Bye Melissa. have a Happy Holiday and a great new Year! And Happy Holidays to the
     melissa says, "GOD BLESS US EVERYONE"
     violet says, "Stay tuned for more fun soon........"
     violet says, "and check back for a transcript of the whole chat!"
     violet says, "Bye for now!"
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