Witches' dance

PRO7 does some hocuspocus - with the movie to the sitcom "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch".

She transforms unpleasant classmates into pineappples. She re-animates dissected frogs. And she clones herself just not to miss a wild party: Melissa Joan Hart (21) alias Sabrina, the enchanting witch of the US-Kidcom "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", carries things quite far with the help of her magic talent. On Jan. 4th (14:40) PRO7's audience will feel the effects too - and this for a whole 88 TV-movie-minutes.

Content of the movie filmed in 1996: Sabrina learns on her 16th birthday that she's a witch - just like her eccentric aunts Hilda and Zelda, with whom she lives not long since. After she gets over the first shock, the young sorceress starts to explore her weird abracadabra-skills with the help of the talking house-tomcat Salem. And look: The Highschool-wallflower blossoms out into the most clever, athletic and popular girl in school overnight. But this little image correction gets Sabrina soon into trouble.

"Witch conjures herself into difficulties" is also the motto in the "Sabrina"-Sitcom-version, which was produced after the film and will appear on the PRO7 program schedules in the middle of the year at the earliest. A timing with deeper backgrounds. Arnd Mayer, responsible editor for license series on Pro7, about this: "We have to check for what program environment the series is suitable. Therefore we broadcast the TV-movie first and look how it's received."

On whatever timeslot Sabrina is going to park her broom, she can be sure of some viewers in any case: the members of the german-speaking "Melissa Joan Hart"-Internet-fanlub (http://www.thur.de/fan-mjh/). And maybe you too will let the charming blonde put a spell on you ?


[Text below the pictures]: After Eve Garland ("My father is an alien"), there's another teen conjuring herself through the Sitcom-program, in the person of Sabrina.
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