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Melissas Auftritt vom 02.12.1998 bei Jay Leno

Transcript des Auftritts von Melissa Joan Hart in der Tonight Show vom 2.12.98

JL  = Jay Leno
JG  = Jeff Goldblum
MJH = Melissa Joan Hart

JL:	My next guest stars in Sabrina the teenage witch, a very popular show 	
	on Friday nights on ABC, please welcome Melissa Joan Hart!

< Melissa walks on stage while band plays the Sabrina theme song >

JL:	Have you met Jeff before?

MJH:	[I met him] backstage.
JG:	Just backstage.

JL:	Oh, that is the first time.

MJH:	Yeah, but I am a big fan ever since Jurassic Park...

JG:	Oh, thank you Melissa.

MJH:...and actually - there was - a party not to long ago - The Emperor's New

< Melissa points at JG >

MJH:	You did The Emperor's New Clothes.

JG:	So did Jay.

< Melissa points at JL >

MJH:	You did The Emperor's New Clothes.

JL:	That's right, that's right.

MJH:	I did The Emperor's New Clothes.

JL:	You were suppossed to be there, weren't you?

MJH:	Yes, I was suppossed to be at this party, but I was shooting in Utah and - I 
	tried - I tried my hardest to get to this party and - I mean - like got the crew
	to the set early, we worked really hard - and - we - you know - they got me
	a police escort to the airport and I ran to the wrong gate - I missed the plane
	by like 30 seconds.

JL:	Oh, that's why you weren't there.

MJH:	Yeah.

JL:	I think Dr. Ruth took your place.

< JL points at JG >

JL:	Remember Dr. Ruth was there? This is true. 

MJH:	Oh, really?

JG:	Oohhhh, yes.

JL:	No, it is true. Dr. Ruth read your...

MJH:	...read my part.

JG:	Really, I didn't know that.

JL:	Dr. Ruth was there.

JG:	I know Dr. Ruth [was there].

MJH:	But you were both at the party, right?

JG:	Yes.

MJH:	So I totally, completely missed that.

JL:	And he was asking about you. He said  'where were you?'.

MJH:	I heard that actually - I'm kidding.

JL:	Do you go out with older guys, I am curious.

MJH:	Ahhmm - not really.

JL:	[Not really, what do you mean?]

MJH:	I'm not - you know - I am open to anything, so...

JL:	Oh, really?

MJH:	Yeah, [??????????]

JL:	So you are 22...

< Melissa turns to JG >

MJH:	How old are you? - No, I'm sorry. I don't wanna ask, that is rude. 
	But you are not a woman so I guess I could ask.

JG: Sure you could, I am 46.

JL:	46.

MJH:	Okay!

JL:	How about your dad [actually]? How old is your dad?

MJH:	45.

JG:	Oooohhh, Jay. Ooohhhh, Jay.

JL:	I'm sorry Jeff. I didn't set that up. I did not know how old her dad [is].

JG:	Oohhh, that is a bitter pill - that is a bitter pill to swallow.

MJH:	Sorry. Sorry, my dad is very young, so...

JL:	There is nothing wrong with that - Do you have any like bad date stories?
	Do you go on a lot of dates? I mean, you are young, you are dating.

MJH:	Well - yeah - you know - I've gone on my share of bad dates, I guess.
	There was one time I went to see the "Lion King"with a boy...

JL:	...oh, okay...

MJH:	...and yeah - you know - I was thinking it would be a nice date - you know -
	we gonna go out, have dinner, go see a play - and he sang the entire
	soundtrack like he knew it by heart. I was just a little petrified, i just - you

JL:	Is this a bad sign?

MJH:	Well - you know. You are trying to enjoy a show, all the people around you
	trying to enjoy a show - and someone is singing -  and knows showtunes. It just 	
	kind of makes you worry - you know.

JL:	Showtunes?

MJH:	Yeah.

JL:	Is there some more to this date I am missing?

MJH:	No, no, no - just you know - that he knows plays, knows...

JL:	...knows play, knows show

MJH:	...knows the songs, every word...

JL:	Did he hit on you after the show?

MJH:	I don't think so.

JL:	No oh, he didn't make a pass at you. And he is [doing] showtunes.

MJH:	Yeah, so...

JL:	I think I see what happend.

MJH:	Yeah - you can kind of get where I think where he was going. So - I don't
	know why - I think guys should let you know before [?] whether or not - you
	know - they are going that way.

JL:	I see - so you know how to - well if the guy says: I am gay, do you want to
	go to the movies or something then you know - right...

MJH:	Yeah, then it is like okay, cool - you know - let's go. But if it is like: Hey, wanna
	go to dinner and a movie - or a play - I am like: Yeah - sure, that sounds good.
	And then afterwards it is like he is singing 'Hakuna Matata' and you just like -

< Melissa shrugs her shoulders a little bit >

JL:	Is that always the sign, if they know the...?

MJH:	I think so. Do you often...?

JL:	I haven't seen the "Lion King".

< Melissa turns to JG >

MJH:	[How about you? Have you ever] - sing showtunes in shows, movies...

JG:	I don't know a single lyric of a showtune.

MJH:	[??????, that's confidence]

JL:	He is very secure as a man. He even belly-dances, I don't know if you saw

MJH:	I did, I did!

JL:	Is this attractive when a man belly-dances?

MJH:	I was kind of impressed. My mother was backstage with me. She was just
	looking at me like < Melissa gestures with her index finger in a threatening
	manner >: Melissa! - No... < Melissa starts laughing >

JL:	Did your mother warn you?

MJH:	Ahm - No, my mother didn't warn me. She is pretty cool about that.

JL:	Let me ask you about another thing now. The last time you were here you
	told me about your belly-button ring. Do you still have that?

MJH:	Yes, it's 4 years old actually...

JL:	...oh, it's 4 years old, okay...

MJH:	...the day after Thanksgiving it turned 4.

JL:	I guess it's hard to see it in this dress, probably.

MJH:	I would show you, but maybe backstage.

JL:	Oh, that would be great. It seems to me that would be uncomfortable or

MJH:	Well, at first it is a little uncomfortable - you know - you can't wear anything
	thight around the waist and - But it's - the funny thing is: I play with it a lot
	when I am nervous. I always, well I can't get to it right now, but I am always
	like playing with the belly ring when I am nervous. But it also - it tells me
	when I am gonna get sick. Like - I don't know - it starts to ache.

JL:	You mean you are like a turkey with the thermometer pops out, that kind of

MJH:	...kind of...

JL:	Is this that kind of thing?

MJH:	...kind of...

< Jay holds an imaginary thermometer in his hand >

JL:	Oh, you gonna be sick! What do you mean, it tells you?

MJH:	It starts to ache. You are just like: wow, my belly ring starts - oh, I am gonna
	get sick. Got to take the vitamin C, the [aconitia] - you know - get on it.

JL:	Jeff, you know about urban medicine and [things]. What does it mean when
	you wear a belly-button ring - What happens to the ring? Does it change
	colour or something?

MJH:	No, no, no it just starts to ache a little and it just get stuck and you can't really
	move it. I thought I share this with all of you right now, so...

JG:	It is in now? Can you fell it now?

MJH:	Yeah - Yeah. It becomes such a part of me.
JL:	How do [you feel next to Jeff? Good?]

MJH:	Yes, I feel fine.

JL:	Jeff, I know you know a little bit about this kind of thing, don't you?

MJH:	[Do you have piercings that we should know about?]

JG:	Do you imagine that I do? Do you imagine...

MJH:	Oh - Sure, with that dance, [you'll never know.] The belly-dancing.

JL:	He is really [secure].

MJH:	I know, I noticed. You are really trying, you're trying...

JL:	I am just curious, I'm just curious. 

MJH:	Yeah.

JL:	Now Sabrina is doing unbelievable, isn't it.

MJH:	Yes it is. It's doing really well. And actually this week is called Sabrina the
	matchmaker, so, the one we are shooting this week not [that's] airing, so
	this - this is a - this should be called Jay the matchmaker right now.

JL:	I am not matchmaking, I am just - I am just having fun of you. What's next
	for you? You are doing some other things? 

MJH:	Ah, yeah. Right now, my mother and I, we have a production company together
	and - there is a great movie that we just got on board to produce called
	Jacob's Hands and it's - I don't know if you...

JL:	Jacob's Hands, this is Moses' brother. < Jay points at JG >

MJH:	Oh my God. 

JL:	This is like [fate].

MJH:	It's an Aldous Huxley - actually Sharon Stone found an old Aldous Huxley
	manuscript. And he wrote Brave new world and he has also written with
	Christopher Isherwood whose stories where the basis for Cabaret...

JL:	...okay...

MJH:	So, it's a really great, great story.

JL:	Well, good luck to you. That sounds great, Melissa, like always. We're right
	back with the Goo Goo Dolls, right after this!

end of the interview

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