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Melissas Auftritt vom 19.08.1998 bei Jay Leno

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L = Leno, M = Melissa, OG = Other guest

The transcript is verbatim except for inaudible words and random interruptions
from Jay (ex. "yeah" while Mel's in mid-sentence).

L: My next guest: a talented actress, who stars in "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch".
   Its season premiere airs September 25, also on ABC.  It's like ABC night.
   Please welcome Melissa Joan Hart.

   (Audience cheers while band plays the Sabrina theme song)

L: Hey, you look nice.  Thanks for coming.

M: Hi.

L: Now, how are your knees? You alright?  You tell me you were--

M: Yeah, my knees.  I've- got- I don't know.  I think I'm gettin' bad knees at
   my age.

L: Hmmm.  There's a joke, I'm not even going to touch it.  Are your knees ok?

M: No, my knees are [can't make out].  No, I was supposed to have them x-rayed
   today, but I had to cancel to come here.

L: Well thank you.  No, thank you very much (M: Absolutelyx2) for putting your
   personal health aside to join us tonight.

M: That's fine, you know [any of](?) the time.

L: Now wait a minute now, you- you got a hair cut.  Your hair was really-

M: I did.

L: really long.  This is like a major-  This-  Is this like a traumatic thing?

M: This is the first time in my life I've had hair this short.  And it's
   always been, you know, down to my waist.  So I cut it at the beginning of
   the summer.  It's different.  It's like I can't hide behind my hair anymore,
   so. It's new.

L: Is that traumatic for you?

M: Yeah, oh yeah.

L: Now- now, why?  (M: Well-) Did you- Were you in part, or did you just have
   to have it cut?

M: No, I just wanted to cut it.  The season was over, and I decided I had to
   get rid of it.  I wanted to do something a little different.  And, uh, I
   just cut it off.  And- and- I don't know.  It was weird, cuz- I work out a
   lot and stuff and I wanted- I always like putting my hair back and I can't
   do it with short hair.  Now I can.  It's finally gotten to the length
   where I can.  But, I can't put it back.  I have to like wear tons of clips
   in it and stuff.  Kinda crazy.

L: So do you dread it?  Or no?

M: Nonononono.  It's- It was good.  it was time for a change so- Now I'm
   lettin' it grow again.

L: Now I heard that- See, you're one of these people that because of your show
   and everything.  These rumors.  Now, I heard you got married.  Now you
   didn't get married.

M: (Suprised laugh).  No, I didn't get married.

L: Oh, ok.  But you have a boyfriend, right?

M: I do have a boyfriend.  We live together.

L: Ohh, oh.  And how long has that been going on?

M: Well, we've been living together for about two years, uh, been dating about
   three and a half. (L: Ooh) Yeah.

L: Is that- Is that- Is that- Does he bug you?  I mean does he-

M: We- We have uh- We have some pet peeves about each other.  You know.  You
   know, like everyone does, so-

Other guest (possibly Dylan McDermott from The Practice): I'm sorry Jay, but
   doesn't Melissa look a little bit like Barbara? [It looked like he was
   holding up an "I Dream of Jeannie" board game with Barbara Eden on it]

L: Yes, she- actually yes, very much so.

M: Wow.  That's a huge compliment.

L: I wouldn't act on it until after the show. (OG: Ok).  (Everyone laughs)

M: Our dressing rooms are next to each other.

L: Now if you notice we 'talk if'(?) you have a boyfriend when it seems like
   one of the 50 most beautiful people (M: beautiful people in the world, I
   know) hits on you (M: I know).  I mean that must be- That must be-  You
   must get those kind of propositions all the time?

M: Oh yeah, you know.  They're knockin' down my door.  No. (L: Yeah) No.

L: So, ok you tell me now.  You- Does he bug you?  Cuz you guys are young-

M: Well, we- We have some pet peeves about each other.  Just like, uhm- There
   was one time when I- You know, I was- I thought I was helping him out,
   doing his wash.  And, I shrunk like thirty of his favorite T-shirts.
   Well- It's because he doesn't- He doesn't like to like *dry* things.  He
   doesn't put things in the dryer, he likes to hang 'em dry.  I- So, I
   didn't know that.

L: He actually (M: and) hangs stuff up (M: he) to dry?

M: He hangs stuff up to dry, yeah. So I thought that was a little strange.

L: This is a guy?

M: Yeah.  He's- Well he's- And, see like things like he- He has to have the
   dishes perfectly clean before he puts them in the dishwasher.  Perfectly,
   spotless clean.

L: This is a guy?

M: Yeah.  But, those are like his- Those are like two of his only real-  Those
   are the only things he's really anal about.  But everything else he's kind
   of- You know-

L: Like, do you share a closet?

M: We do share a closet.  He wants some more, uh, shoe space, but-  But like
   the TVs, like you'll w- You turn on the TV, it's always on [ESPN]

L: Wait a minute, *he* wants shoe space?  And this is a guy?

M: He wants shoe space. (laughs) Well I have all the shelves, so-  Hey,
   don't pick on him.

L: No, no no.  Just [??]in' him

M: YeahIknowbut- But then there's all the guy things.  Like you turn on the
   TV, it's always set to ESPN.  (L: That's good.) Always on ESPN.

L: Underwear on the doorknob?

M: [silence] No.  Underwear on the doorknob??  You do that often?

L: Uh, this is not a guy you're living with.  Look, we know you're young.  I
   don't know what- I don't know what kind of experience you've had, but-
   Guys always (M: Underwear on the doorknob, I've never heard of that) put-
   you always hang your underwear on the doorknob.

M: (to Other Guest) Is that true?

OG: Yeah.

L: Then the next day- Then the next day, you take the underwear and go
   (sniffs near his hand) This is clean enough.  Am I wrong?

M: That I know.  No, I know that one.

OG: Every day.

L: Look, even one of the 50 most beautiful people in the-

M: -does it, yeah.

L: No, I'm teasing you. (M: laughs).  Now I heard you had puppies.  Well,
   you didn't have puppies.

M: I didn't have puppies.  No, thank God.  Uhm, my dog.  I- I got a dog from
   the pound, and about a month later-

L: Ok, now that's good.  Now you rescued a dog.

M: I rescued a dog.  It was- Yeah, it was a dalmation.  It was a beautiful
   dalmation and, uh, and I got this dog.  And it was wonderful.  And a
   month later, I found out it was pregnant.  And four days later, it gave
   birth to eight puppies so-

L: Oh, that's great.  Well, congratulations.

M: Thank you.  Yeah, it was uh-

L: Now do you have them all?  Did you keep them all?

M: No I didn't keep them all.  There were eight of them!  It was like- I was
   like a mother for three weeks.  It was kinda crazy.

L: Yeah, and you went to- oh, you went to- (M: I had-) You went to Italy too?

M: I went to Italy.

L: You did your Sabrina movie over there.

M: We did a Sabrina Goes to Rome movie.  And, uh.  Yeah, my boyfriend was in
   it and everything.  It was fun.

L: Now how are the Italian men?  Do you get a lot of honh-honh?

M: Yeah- It's- heh, yeah.  No me toki.  That's what you have to say.

L: No me toki?

M: No me toki.  Yeah.

L: No me toki.

M: I learned a couple of phrases while I was there.

L: Did they come up?  Did they pinch you there?

M: Oh, my God.  The cameramen were like rubbing on me stuff.  It's like wha-
   whoa, what are you doing?

L: What other Italian did you learn?

M: Uhm, I learned, uh.  I learned a couple things.  I went to see "Grease",
   the play.  The Broadway play.

L: In Italian?

M: Completely in Italian.  The songs and everything.  And it just- It throws
   you.  It's so funny to watch.

L: Yeah, very bizarre?

M: It's very strage cuz they'll start out with like San-dee, and then they
   go into their Italian and you're like, "Wha- What was that?"  That's not
   the song I know.

L: Yeah, like they have a language on their own.

M: And so, they were like.  So, yeah, imagine that.  But theres like (laughs)
   Thanks.  There were like three of us sitting- There were only three of us
   sitting together, and every time a song started one of us would just go
   (demonstrates stifling a laugh) "That's not what I [heard?]"

L: That's the good American way to be- (M: Yeah) That's why Europeans love us.

M: I know.

L: Cuz when they do stuff we go (stifles a laugh).  (M: laughs)  Melissa, well
   congratulations.  Good luck with the movie.

M: Thank you.

L: And I like your new haircut.

M: Thank You.

End of Interview.

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