Magic To Go One-on-One
vs. Jay

Jay gave an evil chuckle as he announced his first guest Earvin "Magic" Johnson.

Magic Johnson

The basketball legend will be the latest personality to enter the late night talk show arena starting next January. Magic said that he likes the camera, and he hopes to stay on the air as long as Johnny Carson did. Jay then proceeded to give him some important tips. First, he showed Magic a special pair of glasses with eyes painted on the outside -- they come in handy when a guest tells a boring story. The next area Magic Johnsoncovered was the monologue. Magic and Jay went to the front of the stage, and each took a turn telling the same joke. Magic got a great response and proclaimed, "That's why I have five championship rings." Another key component to any late-night show is the band leader. Magic announced that he was looking to steal the Tonight Show's own Kevin Eubanks! Jay replied that Kevin was tied up for a while, but his brother Bob Eubanks was available. At that moment, game show legend Bob Eubanks came out a displayed his ability lead the band and fake laugh at Magic's jokes.

Jay's next guest, Justin Cooper, plays Jim Carrey's son in the new hit movie Liar Liar. The 8 year old Justin recently had a run in with the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny knocked on his door the night before Easter and left a message for Justin to go to sleep so he can fill up his Easter basket. Justin went right to bed and wokeJustin Cooper up at five o'clock in the morning to begin his hunt for some Easter eggs. Some of the eggs he discovered had money in them, prompting Jay to remark, "Only in Beverly Hills." After a deep discussion concerning the old chicken-and-the-egg debate, Justin talked about his recent encounter with supermodel Cindy Crawford. Last week, he was on the Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, and Cindy was sitting in for Kathie Lee. Justin agreed with Jay that Cindy is a beautiful woman, and he also bragged about how she kissed him on the lips! This, however, was not his first kiss. Justin has had a girlfriend named Amanda for a year, which Jay pointed out is a large percentage of an 8 year old's life. Jay wondered if his girlfriend got upset about the kiss. Justin replied that she didn't complain to him, but she told his mother that she was mad. Justin shrugged his shoulders and stated, "Girls."

Melissa Joan Hart, Jay's final guest, stars in the popular new television show Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Melissa is extremely happy that the season of Lent is over. She gave up salt for Hartthe 40 day period, which was extremely difficult, as she likes to put salt on almost everything she eats. Melissa admitted that she did give in to temptation once while she was at a restaurant with her boyfriend. She ordered mashed potatoes, turned her head, and had her boyfriend sprinkle some salt on the potato. Jay stated that she'll burn in hell. Melissa recently met Justin Cooper at the premiere of Liar Liar. She tried to set him up with her little sister who is only two years older than Justin. When the young Casanova seemed intrigued, Jay scolded him saying that his girlfriend Amanda is probably crying right now. Justin looked to the camera and said, "No offense Amanda!" Besides acting, Melissa writes an advice column for Teen Beat. One question she often gets is from girls asking her how to get a boy's attention. Melissa's sound advice was that this is the 90's and it's all right for a girl to ask a guy out. In fact, that's how she started dating her boyfriend. Sabrina, The Teenage Witch is on Friday nights on ABC.