I wrote this text at school.This text is in simple present, because I can't write still in simple past.

Egypt is a country in Africa. Why build the Egyptians the pyramids? A pyramid is the tomb for the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh is a god. To build a pyramid needs long time. The workers need 20 years for the cheopspyramid. They get a flat, clothes and food.
Heredot thinks: The workers must work for cheops. At first they must build a street, then they can build the pyramid.
100 000 people work three months. 100 000 other people work the next three months.
But historic-scientists think :The workers needn't work for cheops, they want work for him.
The dead people get food, drink, clothes and other things in the grave. Lots of pictures are at the graves' walls. The egyptians think, it exists a life after the dead.

Now, two and a half years later my English is much better. So I decided to correct the text and write it in simple past. Also I'll give a few more information

Egypt is a country in africa. Its capital is Kairo. The Famoust buildings of egypt are the pyramids, I think. But why and by whom were they built?

A long, long time ago the pharaos ruled egypt. They were between the gods and the egyptians. They were a kind of a god for the "normal" egyptians. A pyramid is the tomb for a pharao. The building of the Cheopspyramid, which is the largest and famoust one, lasted 20 years.

The Workers wanted to work for the pharao, because he was a kind of a god. And they got a flat, clothes and foot.
At first, they needed a street. After that, they could begin to build the pyramid.
100 000 people worked three months. Then they had a break and 100 000 other workers worked. There was alot of work to do until the pyramid was ready: They needed stones, the stones needed to be brought to the building site and in the end... ...the stones couldn't walk up to the top of the pyramid by themselves. They had to be brought there...

Heredot thought, The Workers had been forced to work for the pharao but historic-scientists now think, they wanted to work, because the Pharao was a kind of a god... ...and who wouldn't like to work for a god?

Food, drink, clothes and personal things were given in the graves, because the Egyptians thought, there is a life after dead and the dead person could need it. There were also lots of pictures at the graves walls.

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