"Eragon" by Christopher Paolini

About the Author

Christopher Paolini graduated from Highschool at fifteen. Now he's nineteen years old and working at the second part of the "Inheritance"-trilogy: Eldest. Together with his family he lives in Montana, USA.

About the Book

"Eragon" is the first part of the trilogy "Inheritance", a fantasy novel taking place in Alagaesia. Eragon, a farm boy growing up in Carvahall, a small settlement in the north of Alagaesia, lives a fairly normal life until one day he finds a round, blue stone in the forest that turns out to be a dragon egg. A young dragon hatches and becomes Eragon's best friend. A long time ago, there were Dragon Riders ruling Alagaesia and maintaining peace until one of them, now King Galbatorix, turned against them and is now ruling over Alagaesia with brutal force. He was the only Rider left, until Eragon's dragon hatched. Eragon, his dragon whom he named Saphira, and an old man with incredible skills, who teaches them, must flee from the Empire. In this new life Eragon and Saphira must face destiny, magic and power. They find friends and enemies. Together, they travel the Empire and try to find their place in Alagaesia.

I stumbled over this book in a giant bookstore and quickly decided to buy it. I don't usually buy fantasy novels, I prefer getting them from the library because I usually read them only once. The problem with fantasy is, that the summary usually says nothing about the book and wether you'll like it or not. But I took the risk buying "Eragon" and... the book is fantastic!
Now I'm done reading, but I can't start reading another book yet, because I'm still too caught up in Alagaesia. I want to know how Eragon and Saphira develop, I want to know wether my suspicions about Eragon's heritage and the Twins are true, I want to read more about Arya. I can't imagine to wait several years until "Eldest" will finally be printed.
"Eragon" captivated me.

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