My pets

I want to introduce you to my pets:

I have got a cat. Her name is Maunzi. We had got two budgies at home. A blue one, called Schwatzi, and a green one, called Pipsi, and I have got a lot of cuddly toys.
The content of this page already is quite old. I only changed terrible grammar or word mistakes. Now most of my cuddly toys are lying under my bed or in cardboards. But I still have some of them in my bed and Maunzi really likes sleeping between them.


I got her at my seventh birthday. We could choose one of two cats. I chose Maunzi. She had a terrible history: Men found her when she had fell in a hole. We think, she was born by a cat from the street. Then she came to a nice woman. She called her Floh. That's German and means flea. She had got lots of fleas. But when we got her, there were'nt any ones in her fur anymore. She is afraid, when people, she doesn't know, come in our flat.
Now Maunzi has an own site!

Our Budgies

Our last budgie dieed at eastern. We put it in a hole, before we wanted to look for our eastereggs. Soon we bought two new ones.

I realy liked one, because it flow around in the cage. That was Schwatzi. The german verb is schwatzen and means ta prattle. We called him so because he prattles a lot. But mum real liked an other one, because it looked so nice. That was Pipsi. That's why we bought two. Pipsi died 2nd February 2000. First Schwatzi really missed her, but now he's fine and happy again.

My Cuddly Toys

I've got a lot of cuddly toys. I've got a racoon. It's a cuddly toy, of course. Its name is Schwanzi. Schwanz is a german word and means tail. There are many other ones in my room or on my bed, too. for example: Bambi, the fawn; his girlfriend Veline; Ente, a duck; Schlappohr, my rabbit; ...

These are Schwanzi and her children




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