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Klassentreffen 2001 in Jena

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Algerien New years eve Tour 1999/2000
NEW: Eastern Europe and Romania-Tours 98/99/00/01/02
Tunisia-Tour 97/98
NearEastII-Niva-Tour Sept./Oct. 1997
Iceland-MZ-Tour August 1997 (incl. Reisebericht)
New: Christmas & Wintertour to northern Sweden 1996/97
USA-Canada-Tour 1996 (a lot of photos + Reisebericht)
New: NearEastI-Niva-Tour Aug./Sept. 1995
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Wie bring ich mein Mopped in die USA -Page (German)
Some strange Vehicles
New: These Toy'R'us, isn't it? - page

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